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I hate myself, I hate the world


I want to die, my mum is the only thing keeping me life I wish I wanted to be alive for myself not others

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Is that your dog in the picture


Bet your dog loves you tho...is it a King Charles

I’m only living because of them but I want to be able to want to live because I want to live

Lulu02 in reply to Lulu02

Basically I want to stop living for others and start living because I want to for myself

Dogs don’t really care they live in the present moment and just want your company

or... do something good with your life.

imo it is very counter-productive to die.

Lulu02 in reply to quitter333

I’m trying to, everyone hates me

quitter333 in reply to Lulu02

thats a weird assumption considering everyone havent even seen you

Hi a bit of a reality check here. It takes a lot of energy and effort to hate someone so I assure you that you aren't important enough to others to hate. Out of 100 people 6 will like you, 2 won't and the rest don't even know you exist. That is fact. You are projecting your feelings about yourself on to others.

Why do you hate yourself? Is it because you have mental health problems? If you had say cancer would you hate yourself as much? Depression and anxiety are not your fault and you didn't cause them. Unless you harm or kill others you are not a horrible person. x

Lulu02 in reply to hypercat54

I hate myself because I hurt people in the way that I say the wrong things, I don’t act the right way and I don’t respond to situations the right way. No matter what I do I’m always hurting someone I wish I could behave and act perfectly so that everyone can like me. Id hate myself just as much if I had cancer maybe more because I’ll regret that on my time in earth I had a negative affect on some people

hypercat54 in reply to Lulu02

You can't say the 'wrong' things to others unless you deliberately set out to upset them. We respond to situations according to how we are feeling and that's honest and being true to ourselves. Trying to be what you are not or could possibly be is not helpful to you or others. All of us can only be the best version of ourselves we possibly can and that's what you need to work on. Hating yourself will get you precisely nowhere except unhappy. x

Lulu02 in reply to hypercat54

I have anxiety depression and adhd

Hi Lulu02, "Hate" is such a strong word to use on yourself or others. It does

nothing but grow and cause us pain.

Having read over your posts from the last

several months, I wonder if your ex has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself.

You're right in that you can't live for someone else to become what they need.

If you need something to believe in, start with yourself. No one is as important

as you are. I agree with hypercat in that you are "projecting your feelings about

yourself onto others". Rather than worry or think that others don't like you or

literally hate you is so false. Years from now, none of this will matter so why make

it matter now? Keep coming back for support. We care.. xx

Lulu02 in reply to Agora1

If I can’t even make my friend happy all the time what hope do I have in years to come. I want to be able to make a person happy all the time where they couldn’t possibly think negatively of me.

hypercat54 in reply to Lulu02

You are setting impossible standards for yourself as no one can be perfect. We are human beings, not computers to be set to permanently happy and 'perfect'. As such we blunder around making mistakes all the time. We are sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes angry, etc. This might seem strange to you but sometimes we like someone because of their faults.

The person you have to work on is not a friend, but yourself. Be your own best friend, look after your own needs and you will be more content and this will benefit those around you. So stop thinking so negatively of yourself and treat yourself like you would your friend. Start looking at your own good qualities (and even faults) and understand this is why people like you. Striving to be 'perfect' is putting intolerable pressure on yourself which no one can live up to. x

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