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Lexapro and Anxiety


I just started taking Lexapro and I am really anxious about it. I wonder how they can prescribe it for anxiety and it causes anxiety? Wondering if I can take hydroxyzine with Lexapro?

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Hi there! I actually just came off lexapro! I started with a lower dose and was on it for 4 years. They recently up’d my dosage and I started having really bad panic attacks, I was uneasy and my depression multiplied by 4. I called my doctor to get it switched. Some medicines dont work well with everyone. Unfortunately it is just a trial and error. I would definitely call your doctor and see what they suggest. I would not take any medication with it until you have contacted them! I hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything!

Thanks...I am very uneasy with this medication, not sure I want to move forward.

I did not feel well with it at all. I would definitely call your doctor! Let me know what they say!

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Tried Lexipro a month ago and ended up in the ER with a bad reaction. Then again, I know two people doing really well with it! It is very individual and it sucks that while we are at our most vulnerable and ready to try meds, we have to go through this trial and error stuff. I wish they could do some genetic test or something to know what med and dose is right for each individual.

Ask your dr. When I had started taking it I was on .5 mg of xanax already. It did help me but I gained weight and was sleepy. Might be wrong for you. I started taking cbd oil and omg,life changing for me. I've suffered from panic attacks, Depression and anxiety all my life and this has helped along with diet and exercise. Cardio is like a med too.

I got off of it over a year ago and started eating better,working out and still using xanax when necessary. I'm so sorry you have to deal with anxiety,its the worst.


I would like to learn more about the CDB oil. Is there a way I can speak to you?

I'd start by researching online. They have a 50/ 50 oil that has some thc in it. I take the one without thc. I take only one dose at night before bed. I also do 30 mins of cardio everyday. I never want to but I force myself to because it also works as an anti depressant as well,the cardio. Cbd oil has been proven to help with anxiety, panic attacks and Depression as well as cardiovascular health. The list is endless.

Just dont lose hope. I'm 41 and this has been a life struggle.

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I am really tempted to start CBD at night, although mornings are my roughest time. I will have to check and see if it will interact with my hormone therapy. A few people have posted on this site about CBD. Thanks for the info. How long did it take for you to see a result with the CBD oil?

Thanks for the info. I have 1000mg CDB oil but have no idea what the therapeutic dose is.


I have decided against the Lexapro. i did a (Healing Autogenic Meditation) and it has been very helpful for my anxiety.

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By the way, Vinnie77, reading your post earlier motivated me to take my dogs for a long walk. The exercise really helped get me out of a bad slump.

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