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Week lexapro so much anxiety, help


Hi all, just switched a week ago from a month of Prozac to lexapro. Today there is so much anxiety and I’m afraid I’ll do something weird. Is that just the anxiety? When will it get better? Lorazepam 0.5 doesn’t help very much....

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Hey you.

I switched too but from Lexapro to Prozac. I responded on your previous post too.

My last few days have been awful. A little more sadness than anxiety but both are pretty high right now. I took a clonazepam .5 today and it mildly helped.

Ive read that this is pretty common when switching meds and it seems like were in the same boat. I have to believe it will subside a bit, but it might take a little more time.

Hang in there!

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Sorry to hear you’re in tha5 boat too. I’m on a girls trip and have cried all morning and still feel like crying. Lorazepam barely hit me. I know klonopin used to help better in the past. I was doing good on cymbalta but didn’t like the weight gain. Definitely co side ring going back. Have a family to run

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Well it seems like youre on the right track, out on the girls trip etc. I can barely get out of the house. Its sad. And I know all about the crying and other physical symptoms. I havent been like this until recently when I made the switch so it has to be it, right? Its not a coincidence. Our minds our quite powerful so I dont think you/I should try to convince ourselves that its anything else, or that we should worry. I just dont know when it's going to get better. Prayers that it happens quickly!

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Hi I've also have depression and anxiety. If you can't sleep at night ask your dr.ro give you 1mg instead of 0.5 is to low. Or try clonezapam . Work better than lorazepam. But they both work given the right dosage. Good luck and let me know what the income is. M.A

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Might go back to cymbalta. Caused weight gain but it worked

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And yes clonazepam used to work much better

I started out with Lexipro. I was having really bad anxiety on that medication. So bad that I ended up in the er because of it. Turns out I was allergic to that medication. I’m now on Zoloft.

Hi,’ I’m taking lexapro 30mg, that has been great for me. With ssri's you have to try different ones since they can vary from person to person. Keep at it until you find the right one. You will be happy when you do. Good luck!

I take 10mg Lexapro & I have a lot of anxiety as well. Been taking for 2 weeks, doc will probably up the dose to 15 or 20 mg. I've also heard that if a person has bipolar disorder that these class of drugs make the anxiety worse. ugh. I'm starting to wonder if I'm bipolar. See, there's more of my anxiety lol What mg are you taking?

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I’ve been wondering the same thing. Or if the meds make me bipolar. I’ve made up my mind and I’m going back to cymbalta which worked excellent for my mood, just not my weight. I hope it kicks in just as fast as last year and doc will give me klonopin instead of lorazepam to support. Actually flying my dad in to help me get this started

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Isn’t anxiety lovely!?!

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