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Derealization really bad plz help me


My derealization is so bad right now and I just want to die. It hasn’t been this bad ever and I can’t stop thinking about it. Sometimes I wonder if I’m even real. I’m feeling really suicidal. Yesterday was my birthday and I just cried the whole day. I couldn’t even enjoy it. I just want to feel real and connected and stop living in a dream like state. Someone plz help me I don’t know what to do anymore

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I think u should talk to a trusted family member or friend and try to socialize or bond with the m I know it’s not easy and it may feel like it’s not worth anything but u are real and u are alive and u are strong so push threw even though every ounce of your body doesn’t feel like it can u have to try and don’t kill urself or attempt to I know how that feels I’ve been there and I’ve also watched someone I love try to do the same it doesn’t help even if it feels like it’s the only way out talk to someone any one just don’t isolate urself in this situation

Blue1764, please speak with someone you feel comfortable, friend, family member, counselor, and etc. It's not good to feel detached from reality. Suicide isn't the answer, you will leave family member wonder why? Giving them a sense of we failed... please get help!

I see a therapist twice a week but it’s like it does nothing for me. I still feel hopeless

Then he/she isn't doing their job.... They should help you navigate the dark waters of depression.

I heard someone say one time that suicide was just giving someone who loves you, your depression. And I know you don't wish this on anybody.

ellinaki in reply to bonkers65

Haven't heard this before..I like it..and yeah, wouldn't wish this on anyone..

If you live in the USA... Text HOME to 741741

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