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Dream Interpretation (Long Post Sorry)


Anyone here know what the meaning of this dream could be? I had a dream where I was watching one of my favorite movies (Bee Movie) and my family was watching a different movie in the next room and I was going back and forth between movies. Until the movie my family was watching turned into one of those horror movies where everything was just disgusting, the patient was sick or something and was almost like he was turning into a monster or something. I left and started watching the Bee Movie again and started remembering that song when Vanessa and Barry were flying planes and I got nostalgic because my mom and I used to love that movie and we watched it all the time. So I felt those nostalgic tears and I heard one of my friend's voices say "Sometimes you just need a good cry" (Something this friend told me last week). So I fought back the nostalgic tears and I remember being outside seeing old classmates from high school interacting (not one of the important scenes). Next thing I know I'm riding in a white van with one of the members of my section in the band. We've become pretty close now and he's someone I've known a while, even visiting me while I had my health scare two years ago for those of you who were around for that. But anyways, I'm riding with him in the car and I forget to invite one of our mutual friends with us when he drives on a railroad-like bridge and begins to coast off to the side. I start yelling and he's not responding and we coast right off the edge on fall.....I wake up..... (The very last part is my biggest concern for interpretation. I feel like it signals that I am not in control of my situation but what's the other half....I know there's another half. Do I need to take control or just try to move day by day. What are your thoughts? I'd love to know what you think and what interpretations you all have).

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Hi I have lots of dreams similar to that and to be honest I am not sure they mean anything.

You can google dream interpretions online which might be more accurate. x

I’ve always seen my driving off a bridge (and other impending doom dreams) as being pure anxiety dreams. For me, my anxiety is triggered by ignoring things I need to take care of, or not feeling safe/in control.

I think the gross horror movie bit is more of your fears encroaching on an otherwise happy situation.

Finally, the line about the good cry just sounds like a message of truth from your own unconscious. Having a good cry can be deeply cathartic. It’s okay to feel feels.

I’ve never been too keen on “dream symbols”. Life experiences are too varied and too individual for any one thing to mean the same thing to different peoples’ subconscious minds. Maybe Freud thinks the cucumber bush in my dream is sexual. Maybe I KNOW it’s a happy memory of picking fresh veggies in the sun as an innocent child.

I can say I definitely don't feel safe nor am I in control of this situation. I don't know if I've been ignoring my situation, I've been giving it so much attention in my head and then trying to find help and finally opened up to my mother and therapist about it. But am I ignoring it somehow by dealing with these thoughts in my own head?

For me ignoring is often knowing I need to do something and still not taking real steps to fix it. So I’m *thinking about it anyway, but I’m not *doing anything. Does that make any sense for your situation?

Okay well then that helps me. I feel like I am doing something. I don't know how much more I can do but I'm trying

You know what you CAN do?

Give yourself some credit.

You ARE trying. Goodness knows that takes so much energy and will. Be proud of that.

I get off the wall dreams that come outa nowhere. As Far As Trying To Interpreting Them ? I Didn't Know Where To Start. BUT ? Googling Dreams Wasn't A Good Idea...There Are Some Wacko Out Theories Out There....

Everything is a theory my friend

Your Mind Can Come Up With Anything... Everything We've Seen or/ Heard From The Day We Where Born. Good, Great, Bad, or/ Evil. It's ALL Stored...So Dreams Can Come In Various Directions To Create ANY Kinda Stories....The Only Reason We're In It Is Because It's OUR Minds... BUT ! I Decided, "Crap On It" My Body Needs Somekinda Rest & I'm NOT Gonna Fear Dreamland.... What It Is Is What It Is.... Don't Sleep Well Anyway? About 41/2 To 5 Hours A Night Average... So ? Even A Naps Not Outa The Question For Me Either... I'll Take All I Can Get....LOL....

Oh ! When I Have My Oddest Dreams I Notice Is When I've Had Bored Days....

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