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Feels hard to go through this alone



I'm kind of new here. This is my first post and the first time I am sharing this about myself publicly. I have been dealing with horrors of Anxiety and PTSD ever since I can remember. I am also a recovering codependent who is yet to fully recover. I have not been able to talk to anyone about this but my girlfriend who has been supporting me ever since I can remember. My family is all in the shits and no one is acknowledging anything. I just want to feel part of something and feel like I belong because all I have been doing is living with this silently and studying everything I can about these horrific states of mind. I just don't want to feel alone and don't want any of you to feel that way. If anything I am here and would help to the best of my knowledge. From the bottom of my heart, I love you all and know how hard this battle is because I am still fighting it. You deserve the world. If no one has done so, I hope this post gives you permission to go after it.

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Welcome Medit, happy to belong is a joy!

Thank you! Much love to you all

reading that last part really made me cry

Welcome! You've come to the right place. Vent your feelings as many times as you want. It's therapeutic and you'll be doing so to a very helpful, supportive and sympathetic audience. Im sorry that u suffer so. Ive gotten help for PTSD and recovered from it so I know how you feel. Im currently healing from panic. You are not alone.

Welcome Mehditate. Thank you for sharing some of your experiences and for the uplifting words in the last part of your post!

Nice post. We need to encourage each other because it can be a cruel world out there. You are not alone . Just look at the statistics. You are enough!

You are not alone :)

You’re not alone in this, welcome to the community. So many people on here with similar experiences, myself include

It's no coincidence that I am tbe 5th person to show up from my chat line group. We have learned that having an additional outlet to talk on is very therapeutic. I am currently starting chatline #4 if you are interested. My chat lines average about a dozen people each. They are good solid people like you and me and they will understand where you're coming from. I have 2 other chatlines that are already full, altough you could be added if those people give me the okay. My point is, we're here for you. Whether you only want to jpin a new one or whether you want to try all 3, you will soon acquire a new extended family of friends. Chatline 4, called Circle Of Friends 4, will not launch for several days yet. No need to be lonely as long as we're here. Okay? The process is amazingly easy. You say yes and I add your username. The next time someone is talking on that line (or lines as the case may be) you will be notified. Poof! A lot less loneliness!

Mehditate in reply to JEG325

I would love to join! I am really happy that you reached out. Thank you JEG325!


Welcome Mehditate. I'm fairly new here too and this seems a very supportive community, so I hope you continue to reach out. You're not alone in this.

Mehditate in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much! I'm so grateful for this.

Amen I'm 100 % on your level


You're definitely not alone. I don't know if anyone here can give you help for your specific situation-maybe they can.

But, I will say they are all very nice.

Take care,


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