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Stressing over fear of stress if that even makes sense

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Just the thought of me relapsing or getting another panic attack..

So scared and im resisting the urge to measure my bp and pulse , i just keep getting these terrifying flashbacks of when i had a panic attack , and all the emotions with it ..i really feel terrible first i was stressing that my stress will cause my bp to rise and for me to get health problems, now its just that im stressing over my fear of relapsing and becoming anxious all the time again , not that i was ever 100% calm , i still feel better than i did at the start but I WAS JUST SO PROUD OF MYSELF , i was so happy that im feeling less scared and not worrying about my bp , now its the thought of it is what worries me , and whenever i remember a certain time about the last few weeks where i would panic over the simplest things and the emotions i had are coming back and its terrifying , i just want to get back to normal , why does this keep happening

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Hi Kevin I am so sorry you are feeling like that . Your sentence “ I just want to get back to normal , why does this keep happening “ is actually how I feel . I have taken my bp today several times 😭 . I took a yoga class for the first time yesterday but today I went to the store and had some agoraphobia symptoms! I just want to feel “ normal” . Wishing you the best !!!

You too , it just gets frustrating sometimes , like its dissapointing how i just cant get over something so simple , i always dealt with stress and anxiety since i was 12 , but after realizing what stress does to me and fearing panic attacks and pulse and temperature and blood pressure , it just became scary because i feel like i have so much on my shoulders , i just wish that i didnt need to think about all that and try control all these thoughts , but some people have it much worse , physically or mentally , and i know there is a solution and it takes time and patience but it just sucks

Kevin, description of your most recent symptoms and fears and frustrations is very detailed but how's your recovery plan coming along? Anything to report?

Early days I know and it's good to get the anxieties off your chest. May I respectfully suggest not to dwell on these too long at the expense of a progress report no matter how small the gain.

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Kevin160 in reply to Jeff1943

Yes i see what you mean , there has been progress though dont get me wrong , its just like 2 steps forward then a step back

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Kevin160 in reply to Jeff1943

Its been abiut a month since this first started after a doctor pointed out my bp rises very easily when i get stressed , i get anxious around doctors so he started talking about stress and blood pressure , later that night something clicked and i just started overthinking it and suffering panic attacks since , i talked to family members, tried meditation , and just positive self talk and realizing my irrational fears , it helped alot and im more capable of leading a normal life but its just annoying how it sometimes takes over and its all i think about , and like i see all my other friends and family leading great lives

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Sunnidayz1 in reply to Kevin160

Everyone's blood pressure rises easily when they get stressed especially when they have anxiety. He just mentioned the obvious not something that is wrong within you. Dont let that scare you. I hate going to the drs. And I hate Drs who dont understand anxiety & panic🙄

Millions of people suffer from anxiety -they gotta wake up..ugh.

No one would ever say I struggle. I’m not different from you. There are billions of us!!!/!; and I actually feel that we are way stronger than this (so called) healthy rest...

Yea, it's probably billions but I was just talking about the US.

Our authentic selves are stronger than this but we have to be able to connect to it to get through this.

We’re probably the strongest core of this world.

Orangeblossom if you ever want to chat message me. Im always around

Hey there, I totally understand how you feel & can relate to being stressed about being stressed. It's like it keeps coming full circle & all you want is to feel normal. You're not alone.

Try thinking about something else. Like one other thing that needs to be done. Even if it's "vacuum". Write that thing down. Then do it. Then cross it off that piece of paper. That may help keep your mind occupied on something other than your anxiety. Try writing at least a few things a day on a piece of paper. Accomplishing them & crossing them off the list may help you feel better about yourself, keep your mind busy & possibly lower your stress level. Even if it's only by 1%...It's better than nothing, right? Good luck to you.

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That sounds like a good idea, gonna go for it ..sometimes i feel this flutters or sort of like mini panic attacks or sudden “startles” even when im not thinking about , it just like i think of something and in my mind i feel like there is something missing then i start remembering anxiety , it has gotten much better since last month , where panic attacks where a daily occurance , now its easier to control my thoughts but between time and time , i feel like im sort of relapsing or losing control over my mind and just drift into these scenarios of “WHAT IF”

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Agora1 in reply to Kevin160

Kevin, The 2 words that can get us in trouble each and every time is "WHAT IF"

The anxious mind wants to go there. I do not allow myself to go there anymore.

What I do instead is start my "deep breathing"... Once you learn how to do it properly

and practice it every day, it will come automatically to you whenever you feel on the

verge of panic. You cannot be deep breathing and go into a panic mode. It cancels

it out. It reduces the adrenaline, makes your heart calm down and gives you a feeling

of peace. You can find some great site on You Tube that get into Deep Breathing. :) x

Our Worst Enemy In ALL Anxiety Disorders Is "FEAR". [ That Includes Dread As It IS A Form Of Fear ] My Friend, The "Fear" Of Having Another "Anxiety/Panic Attack" CAN Bring On Another... That DARN "Adrenaline Dump" !* You Are Not Alone Here... Does Your Doc Have Ya On Any Meds ?...Are You Having Some Therapy ?... Realize. When You Have ANY Type Of Anxiety, Even At A Low Level [ GAD & Not A Panic Attack Itself. They Are Two Different Things ] It Is Normal To Have A Slightly Higher Pulse Rate & BP Be Up A "Little" As We Have A Little More "Adrenaline" In Our Bloodstream.

Now A "Anxiety / Panic Attack" Is A Whole Different Ball Game As You Know. That's A Sudden "ADRENALINE DUMP" Which Can Run Everything Sky High. [ if your heart rate and bp doesn't calm down after your meds are taken if you on them, go to the er or call 911. you never take anything for granted ] If I Gave You A Shot Of A Good Dose Of Adrenaline ? You'd Have The Same Symptoms.

My Question Is "Are You On Anxiety Meds" ? & Have You Had Your Heart Checked [ to ease your mind ] & Are You On BP Meds Too ?

Look. You Are OK. If You Have A Anxiety Disorder. You Are No Different Than A Person With Diabetes That Needs Insulin OR/ A Asthma Patient That Takes A Pill & Needs A Emergency Inhaler. Their Disorders Just Operate Differently & Come From Different Parts Of The Body. YOUR Disorder Is Just As REAL & Just As Normal, & Just As Physical. [ pause and calmly think about that ]

We Are ALL Here For Ya !~*

Yea...ANXIETY DISORDERS SUCK...[ but i bet the asthma and diabetic say the same thing about theirs too ]

Look im 17! I went to the doctor's im physically healthy ..and he mentioned that my bp rises with STRESS because i get anxious around Doctors..and like this caused me to obsess over it ..i started worrying more about it and this constant stress is so heart is healthy but just the constant stress can eventually cause health problems which worried me cuz i feel i will not be able to control my anxiety and obsession over my health and its terrifying

I Understand Kevin. Just Because You Are 17 Doesn't Mean You Don't Have An "Anxiety Disorder" ? You Keep Using The Term "Stress", Followed By Your "Anxiety" As Though The Are Different Somehow. PTSD Is A Anxiety Disorder ? I Have It ? Stressing About Your Health Is Also A Form Of Anxiety / Phobia & OCD Disorders. I UNDERSTAND Believe Me That The Frustration You Are Feeling Also " I'm Too Young To Be Going Through This " ! Why ? That Is The Very First Point You Made.

Look. Anxiety [ stressing ] And OCD Disorders Don't Discriminate ? That Condition Don't Have An Age Preference ? Stress Is A Normal Everyday Emotion. Having "Anxiety/OCD" Over A Normal Everyday Part Of Life Is A "Disorder". Look On The Bright Side ! You Are 100% "Physically Healthy". Having Slightly HBP Readings At A Docs Office IS Normal. Who Is Treating Your "Anxiety Disorder" ?.. It's Fantastic That Your Heart & Physical Health Is In Great Condition, But Your Problem Here Is In Your Post. A OCD, Health Anxiety & Panic Disorder. I Don't See The The Mention Of "Who's Treating You For Anxiety" ? You Are Young Enough [ with help ] To Grow Out Of It or/ Without Treatment Early In Life It "May" Get Worse. It's Like A "Newton's Cradle Balance Ball" Gadget. You Know ? The Little Balls On A Frame That When One Is Dropped, A Chain Reaction Is Set In Motion Banging The Other Balls Back & Forth On & On Til You Stop It.

That's Basically What's Happening With "Health Anxiety/Ocd Disorders". The Initial "Fear" Drops The Ball, The Frame Is In Tact & Functioning Well [ your physical health ], But The Balls Are Still Going Making Contact [ in your mind ] And Nobody's Putting Their Hand In There [ the doc ] Stopping The Contact.

Where's Your Psychiatrist In All This ? [ you never wanna let a GP play psychiatrist as they are great, but they don't have the same educational requirements to make psychiatric calls. your psychiatrist is a md plus much more ]

Prayers & Support Far Ya !*

P.S. When a specific fear causes so much anxiety that it affects your daily life, it becomes a phobia.

This post made me a bit irritated, apologies. It genuinely seems like you’re giving false information to an otherwise distressed person.

First off, even non panic attacks and generalized anxiety can cause a spike in blood pressure and heart rate. Even when I’m not panicking, just anxious, my heart rate can go up to 140 bpm.

Second, hypochondriacs DO NOT CALL 911 MID PANIC ATTACK. This is ridiculous. Us panic prone people would have to call emergency services constantly. If you had your heart thoroughly checked, and your doctor says there is nothing wrong, sinus tachycardia is going to do NOTHING to you, physically.

Third, not everyone can be prescribed benzos. I’m a healthy, 18 year old and my psychiatrist won’t even prescribe me much Lorazepam these days. You are putting way too much emphasis on pills, while there are many other solutions to panic disorder. And taking a benzo everytime one panics will lead to a debilitating addiction. Also, YOU DO NOT NEED HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATION FOR PANIC DISORDER. This can really harm patients with anxiety, as our resting/calm blood pressure is typically within the normal range, it’s just anxiety making it spike.

Readers, please try exercise, meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, and breathing exercises before resorting to medication. It is so easy to become dependent on benzos, and the side effects of SSRIs can be intense, almost worse than the panic itself (take it from me, I started adult medication when I was 11).

What FALSE INFORMATION Are You Speaking Of ? [ With All Due Respect Of Course ] & Where Has This Person Mentioned Being A "Hypochondriac" ? & A Sudden Adrenaline Dump IS Dangerous "If Not Controlled". There's No Falsehood There ?

When You Have BP's At 235/189 Along With Heart Rates Around 160 ? You Can Have A Stroke ! I've Had This Several Times Over "Adrenaline Dumps" Over The Past 30 Years & The ER Was The Appropriate Choice. Stroke Levels Are REAL And Should Be Taken Seriously.... [ If I Take My Anxiety Meds, And They Are Not Bringing Levels Down Like The Above Readings, MY "DOCTORS" Always Told Me To Call 911or/ Get To The ER & Let Them Make The Calls ]


P.S. & I Merely "Asked" If They Were On BP Meds... [?]...& As Far As "Anxiety Meds" ? I Merely "Asked" If They Where On Any....[?].... I Am Very Sorry That "You" Had Bad Reactions On Anxiety Meds. However "Your" World Isn't Everybody's Prime Example Of Care or/ Diagnostic Order.....Plus ! I NEVER Tried To Get This Person To Ask For Anxiety Meds or/ BP Meds... Doctors Make That Call. I DID NOT ! There Are Many Sources Of Treatments Out There....Really ? [ why so easily offended and negative ] Also I Encouraged & Tried To Calm Down This Individual. There's No Intention Of Aggravating A Stressful Person ? With All Due Respect. This Is A Support Group Forum Which Voices Many Opinions ...

Read the person’s bio, it explains his/her health anxiety there. I have never heard of a panic attack being dangerous. In fact, I always read about how NOT dangerous they are.

A sudden increase in blood pressure and heart rate is not going to kill you, unless your arteries, blood vessels, or heart are already bad. It seems like you have a weak/bad heart, because I and probably most users here have never been encouraged to call an ambulance during a panic attack. In fact, we have been discouraged. And I’ve read someone having a pulse of 200!

I’d love some evidence as to why you should call 911, as all anxiety and panic attack sites discourage it.

Also your passive aggressive tone is extremely unnecessary. “I am very sorry that ‘you’ had bad reactions”? Are you kidding me? The things you’ve been saying can easily trigger someone with panic disorder, and we’d fear every attack that happens expecting to die because of your post. There is expressing your own opinion, and there’s also being mindful of others.

Edit: I just read on your profile that you have a fatty liver and are 61 years old. This gives me the assumption that you may be obese, or have diabetes. Your risk for stroke and heart attack is already high, compared to OP (17) and I (18). We both have no underlying heart or health condition. This highly explains why a panic attack for YOU should warrant a visit to the ER. But you need to understand, most of us are under 50, and don’t have the illnesses you have. And the risk of heart attack and stroke to those under this age, with no genetic heart defects and a healthy lifestyle is zero to none.

Maybe You Should Be Educating Yourself On Cardio Sites Also.... It Is Me ? or/ Are You Advising Me That "YOU" Are More Educated Than My Doctors ?... My Heart & Arteries Are Fine. Yea, Even Over 50. My Problems Started 30 Years Ago By The Way. Not Yesterday.... NOT Obese At ALL Either. Weight Is Dead On Healthy... How Dare YOU Judge Me With Your Arrogant Interpretations.....Really ?...Quit TROLLING People & Bashing Their Opinions ... I Thought This Was A Vast Opinionated Site NOT A Singular Judgmental Oversight Panel....

I never once inferred that I am more educated than your doctors, nor do I believe I am.

However, what your doctors told YOU is what’s best for you, is not what’s best for all of us. Even if this has gone on for 30 years, anxiety and other mental illnesses were not taken as seriously in the 80’s and 90’s. With that, I see why they tried to send you to the ER. Just in case, type of thing.

My father has had a blood pressure of 220/130 before. His heart is healthy. Most doctors do not think much of it when he explains he has panic disorder. He is at low risk of stroke and heart attack, because his arteries are extremely clear.

A fatty liver is most prevalently seen in obese/overweight people or someone who has diabetes. I was in no way trying to judge you. I simply made a factual assumption that explains why your doctors feel the need to call an ambulance during times of panic.

I do not think I’m trolling. I’m acknowledging what you said and am respectfully disagreeing with you. As a person who suffers from panic disorder, I got extremely anxious reading your post of going to the ER. I went two days ago because of high blood pressure and pulse rate, and MY doctors told me to “Stop checking your blood pressure. You’re 18 and healthy.” My posts are also based off the hours of research my hypochondriac mind endured to come to a logical conclusion.

You seem to get easily offended. I can assure you that none of my posts were meant to hurt you in anyway, and I apologize if it did.

Here is a couple links I’d like to add:


in reply to Sillysausage234

I’m with you Alan! What??? 😫

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likachika in reply to

I apologize that both you and Alan had to witness my argument. I do believe in standing up for what I believe is right, however it can be difficult for spectators. I’m sorry if I in any way made you guys feel uncomfortable. Wish you all the best❤️

in reply to likachika

It’s all good, love. I understand where you were coming from too. I wish you all the best too. I think the advice you gave to the person that posted this was beneficial to him. Xoxoxo

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FIRST OF ALL I NEVER SAID I DONT HAVE HEALTH ANXIETY ..I SAID IM TOO YOUNG MEANING IM TOO YOUNG FOR GETTING HIGH BP ..WHICH I ALSO KNOW IS NORMAL BUT IT WORRIES ME THAT IT RISES AND MAKES ME PANIC MORE .i knos that its normal to rise and it doesnt rise alot ..highest was like 150/90 and it goes down when i calm and the panic attacks end ..i understand how you feel but im young so im not supposed to be worrying about this..sorry but in your case suffer a few medical physical problems that contribute in your high bp ..but i believe because i dont have any physical problem and my only wish is to start not thinking about this problem ..i will feel better though its gotten better even when i worry i realize im fine and its not as dangerous and it rises a bit not as much like 130/85 or something..thank you for the concern but guys dont need to argue i had some counseling i know my problems and the causes..i just need advices to know how to feel better from people who went through the same problems

It’s like I’m reading my own mind.

I actually was pretty much back to normal a couple months ago, then my mom got sent to the ER with an abnormal EKG (she was thankfully okay) and I relapsed. I was running everyday for 15 minutes, but after that it’s like anything that got my heart rate up made me panic. I went to urgent care, got an EKG. They said I was fine.

Yesterday I could feel my panic attack coming on, and instead of trying to calm it, I took my blood pressure at home. It was 160/88! Normal for me is 118/70. My pulse was also 180 when at resting it’s 65. I freaked out, I was convinced something was wrong and had my dad drive me to the ER. They took one look at me and instantly knew it was a panic attack. I will forever remember what the nurse told me.

“You’re 18 and healthy, so honey stop checking your blood pressure. You’ll make it go higher just stressing about it. Keep running, and you’ll be great.” I also expressed my concerns for sudden cardiac arrest, as seen in soccer and basketball players. The doctor explained that my EKG would show signs of cardiomyopathy (the main cause of those deaths), and I had nothing to worry about. I got sent home very nicely drugged with Lorazepam and Propranolol.

What I hope you take from this is as follows. I know it’s hard to resist the urge to check it, but if you do, chances are it’ll make you more anxious. As for being afraid of having a panic attack? That’s so normal, every one of us 2.4 million Americans is scared of another one. What helped me best was exposure therapy. I put myself in situations that would make me panic, and stuck it out as long as I could. When I saw that I didn’t die or pass out, I found immense relief, and going to the place made it a bit easier. Yes, it’s fucking torture to put yourself in a situation that induces such bad feelings. But it works. Also try meditation, it’s helped me a lot:) Hope I helped a bit!

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Kevin160 in reply to likachika

Just reading your story made me kind of anxious because it reminds when i had a panic attack and my bp was 150/90 ..i know that im healthy its not that im worried about having a sudden heart attack ..its more of the fear of not being able to control my thoughts and recognize when I'm panicking.. its also sort of when i remember when i was panicking and all the scary emotions that comes with it makes me want to throw up

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likachika in reply to Kevin160

I’m sorry I scared you. That was not my intention.

It’s hard to recognize when you’re panicking, I still struggle and I’ve been battling it for 10 years (18 now). Please try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, they are amazing at controlling negative thoughts even before they arise. I get the scary emotions, they’re awful and it is hard to differentiate between a panic attack, a heart attack, and losing control; the latter seems to be what you struggle with. But a panic attack, no matter how scary, can’t make you go insane. Yes they’re awful, yes they make us nauseous as hell, but they won’t kill you or make you go crazy. And that’s all you have to remember.

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Kevin160 in reply to likachika

No no don't worry.. what you said before actually made me realize that u are fine now and u have been through the same thing..i will look into cbt .. im trying meditation now and its calming me down even when i stress or feel anxious and dont resist the urge to check my bp its not very high ... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THAT WITH ME !!

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likachika in reply to Kevin160

Just remember, having high blood pressure once in a while is perfectly normal. My dad’s once went up to 220/130 during a panic attack, and he was just fine! The mind is extremely powerful, and can control many aspects of our bodies. Though luckily, your and my young hearts are perfectly equipped to handle occasional hbp and tachycardia.

Meditation definitely helps slow the heart rate and blood pressure. It’s truly amazing that sitting and clearing your mind can do so much. I also highly recommend a good exercise program. Though working out may temporarily raise anxiety, in the long term, it’s thought to decrease it tremendously.

You’re welcome❤️ If you need anything, just PM me!

Stop taking your bp and heart rate. Your healthy. Your a warrior.

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Kevin160 in reply to Txnut60

Im trying less and less each time .. sometimes i just panic and hear a voice in my head that like wants to know .. because it is in my head now that if i stress a bit my bp would be high

You're doing great, Kevin :)

I have been where you are and it's so uncomfortable and frightening- it is such a difficult time, going through this. Keep reminding yourself that you are not alone and that so many have gone before you and learned such important new things that have helped them get well again. Recovery is available to everyone, no matter what their unique circumstances, no matter how long or how terribly they have struggled.

A couple of things to think about. First, consider this:

Most people's BP and heart rates rise when they get stressed :) It's normal.

Our BP and heart rate rise when we are excited, too.

Our BP and heart rate rise when we exercise.

But we don't worry about it in those contexts, right? Of course not. It's normal for our heart rates and blood pressure to fluctuate for a variety of reasons.


Panic is a little pinch of adrenaline. A normal, actually very important chemical that causes an excited response within the nervous system. Adrenaline- the same chemical released when we have a near miss, like a car accident averted. Thank God for adrenaline then, right? It helps us slam on the brakes reflexively. The same chemical released when we go through a Halloween haunted house, or go rock climbing or seek a similar thrill. It's insignificant. I know it doesn't feel insignificant right now, and that's where the practice comes in....

Femalestevenhyde has excellent advice- you must feel the panic to get better. As you go out and about, practice thinking about it like this. Tell yourself that you want a panic attack so you can experience it again and practice a different response when it happens- practice not adding second fear to the first, startling fear. Practice letting it wash over you like an electrical storm. Breathe through those first few sensations slowly and practice thinking, "I know what this is- a little adrenaline. Nothing to fear. It's like I'm on a really good rollercoaster ride."

The startled, fearful reaction is really the "panic attack". The first wave of panic is not much of anything. It's a blip. It's the reaction- "oh no, not again, oh what's that feeling, I didn't have that the last time, this is different, this must be something terrible, oh no, I can't let anyone see what's happening, I must fight this, I must run..." This is a person who is telling their anxiety, very directly, to crank it up. To put the volume up to 11. With a different, "whatever" reaction, the whole thing is over in moments.

I make it sound easy. It's not- not at first. But with practice, you will find that eventually your panic attacks become fewer, milder, easier. And over time and with much practice, the panic attacks will be all but gone. Because any little pinch of adrenaline that comes will be immediately understood by you and you won't have any startled or fearful reaction anymore.

You should be very proud of yourself. You are truly doing amazing, life-changing work right now! You ask why this keeps happening - This keeps happening because it's normal for where you are at right now. You're in a sensitized state. In the meantime, Face, Accept, Float, and Let Time Pass:

FACE: Face the things you are fearing. Gently, slowly, working up to things. Practice having the right reaction to anxiety and panic as you do this. 2 steps forward, 1 step back or even 2 steps back sometimes is normal normal normal. It's called practice because you don't know how to do it yet. Can we learn a piano concerto in a day's time? No- we have to practice and practice and practice even more. As you practice, over time, anxiety learns that it is misfiring so, so much of the time. As it learns, it starts to slowly but surely settle down.

ACCEPT: Accept everything about it. Understand that all that you are experiencing is normal for the circumstances. Accept that you are learning about anxiety and how it can affect the nervous system. Accept all the symptoms that come and recognize that they are harmless.

FLOAT: People instinctively try to swim against a strong current with anxiety. They fight the current and push so hard against it. It's a struggle to do this. Anxiety settles down when we stop fighting it and just go with it. Imagine that you are floating downstream on the current whenever you feel tense or feel the instinct to fight back. Practice floating.

LET TIME PASS: Understand that anxiety that is misunderstood by people, and the resulting second fear and the instinctive fight will cause the nerves to become sensitized. They are a little irritated from the constant thrashing. Along with the practice, it takes a lot of time for the nerves to settle down and desensitize. How long doesn't matter- everyone's journey is different. Just live alongside these feelings for now and Let Time Pass

Face, Accept, Float, Let Time Pass - courtesy of Dr. Claire Weekes

I personally recommend listening to Dr. Weekes' audio and reading her books repeatedly. I know for me, I was in such a sensitized state that concentrating and absorbing new information was so difficult, it took many listens/reads for it to sink in. That, and the fact that I'd been practicing such a different way of thinking about it, and had been practicing the very opposite of what she recommends for so long... it was very hard for her or anyone to change my mind, to change my beliefs. I had been "brainwashed" by my anxiety and I needed to be "un-brainwashed" So I listened and read and listened and read.. and each time a tiny little piece of what she was saying would stick- little "aha's" along the way can add up to great, big understanding.

You're doing absolutely great, Kevin. We are all here to continue supporting you on this journey..

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likachika in reply to Calm_mama

Thank you for providing such good insight, as I’ve been struggling with many of the same emotions as the OP. I just bought the book “Hope and Help for Your Nerves” by Dr. Weekes because of this post. I’m extremely excited to start reading it.

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Kevin160 in reply to Calm_mama


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Jeff1943 in reply to Kevin160

Calm_mama is indeed an amazing human being both for her knowledge and ability to express herself. What she has written is the best advice possible anybody can give on the subject of anxiety. Like her I am a believer in the Acceptance method for recovery from anxiety and associated depression. This first expressed many years ago in Claire Weekes' first book called "Hope and help for your nerves" in the u.s. and "Self help for your nerves" in the u.k.

This book can be ordered new or used from Amazon and Ebay and I believe this book will bring respite and recovery from your anxiety problems. I know you are young, Kevin, and would rather be doing other things than this but now is the time to read this book rather than later in life when anxiety can become more entrenched.

I also suggest you read calm_mamma's posting slowly for a second time to let what she says truly sink in.

Do not worry that your bp spikes when you are anxious, that is a perfectly normal response which is more pronounced in those of us with anxiety. My bp is 165/95 when taken by a nurse or doctor. Then I go home and do it properly: sit down for 5 minutes, not after a meal, don't talk, keep my arm supported but level with my heart, take 3 bp readings at 2 minute intervals and divide by 3. Result - 130/65, fine for someone more than 4 times your age. That doctor was thoughtless when he scared you.

Something else always to remember: you hear that high bp makes you 3 times more likely to have an early heart attack. The usual reaction of most with high bp is "Well that's, it I'm a gonna!" But what the statistics don't tell you is that the chances have gone up from 1 in 20 to 3 in 20. The odds of a long and healthy life are still stacked heavily in our favour.

Kevin, you're going to be fine. This preoccupation with your bp is just anxiety whispering in your ear. You are going to live to 100. Your heart is strong, the strongest muscle in your body, if you ever see a human heart you'd be amazed at how strong. All is well but do remember you have friends here always ready to help.

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Kevin160 in reply to Jeff1943

Wow that was beyond amazing to hear ..i never knew that ..i was so worried about it ...i can actually calm a bit now ..thank you so much and calm mama are my favorite people now <3

I did, years ago. It is really terrible. It takes a lot out of you. I had panic attacks so bad , I would hyperventilate, and fall on the floor. I decided it was no way to live, I got a book called,"Don't Panic", and read it. I was mad at first because it was about breathing techniques and stuff. I thought, how can do this when I am freaking out and feel like I am dying! Yet, the next time it happened, I was sitting on the floor and started to try these techniques, it started to work. It took time but I got control of it. Now I very rarely even start a panic attack, maybe 2 times a year, if it starts, I do the techniques and get control. I think it is about finding what works for you. I think too many people rely on meds to solve the problem. The meds may help calm you down, but I think people need to learn to stop the panic attacks. Using any technique that works to get control. I also started exercising and I think that was helpful too. The meds can be a helper to get control, but learn to get the control through a technique is key. I just wish it wasn't so hard!!!!!

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Kevin160 in reply to dore13

I actually tried meditation and i round that when I panic and get panic attacks its less intense ..i started to gain some control..thanks for the book idea im going to see what i can find and read and learn from

Your title makes complete sense, IMO. That’s partially what this anxiety stuff is all about. The good thing is that YOU'RE AWARE. Try refocusing your attention in some things about yourself that you are happy or proud of. It’s not always easy but just a quick way to refocus other than exercising and meditating.

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