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How can i stop anxiety over this simple but scary problem?

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Hey everyone , i have a problem with stress and anxiety ..i have this thought in my head that whenever i have a small bit of stress my blood pressure elevates a bit and i panic , my biggest fear is that this stress and anxiety will cause health problem that will kill me , im still young and im physically healthy , i used to control stress very well , but since i started having this obsession that i may never be able to control anxiety and i will stay like this everyday scared and get this shortness of breath and flutter in my heart , along with the aches and nasuea ..i controlled it a few times and tried relaxation techniques, it helped a bit but i keep getting these panic attacks and this weird stress feeling that i im so scared and fear just takes over i just wish i can forget that thought , any help is appreciated because this is really hard to cope with and i tried alot of things but it didnt work , i know this is not the end of the world and its not a big deal to some pelple , i feel its a simple problem and i faced much worse things , but its the thought that stress causes health problems and stuff is whats scaring me , like im litteraly stressed about what will happen if i stay stressed , its just like a cycle that i cant seem to break .

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im sorry to hear that kev! i also feel terribly bad today and have no idea how to break it...

It gets better and gets worse sometimes , my problem is that i know this is not the end of the world and that im actually fine , but i cant get myself to shake off the anxiety , because the feeling , it became sort of embedded in my head and the feelings and thoughts themselves are scary regardless or how realistic are they , i tried simple habit app and so far im doing well on it , but there comes sometimes that my fears seem realistic eventhough deep down i know they are not , im trying to stay strong and face this although i really dont want to because i know i have a long way to go

Try to exercise. All that Adrenalin needs someplace to go!

Kevin160, I completely understand what you mean. It is a vicious cycle if you allow it to be. I can relate to that thought process. Take each day at a time. I focus on foods that help with blood pressure and things like that and just being mindful of my thoughts helps me regulate them a little more. I am praying you find balance and peace. Big hugs!!

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Thank you so much , my problem is that i never had high bp and i dont suffer from hypertension , im skinny young and healthy physically , but normal people suffer high bp when stressed its normal , but for me it makes me anxious because what if im always stressed , then it will become a chronic problem , im worried this will affect my life and health , what if stress becomes a normal thing and i cant control it , just panic attacks all the time, i try alot but sometimes the thoughts are overwhelming and scary so im worried that i wont cope with the idea and it terrifies me , i have a blood pressure measurin device and whenever i panic i used to measure it and god i wish i didnt, because it became a weird obsession and fear that if i stay like this my bp will be a long term problem and i will start suffering heart disease, organ failure , and i know its irrational but its scary and i tell myself that but sometimes i feel like im 100% sure i will be fine and i cant convince myself that , i need help for people who went through similar problems although i admit my problems are weird and its a scary cycke i cant seem to break but ever since a doctor spotted my high bp and said to me similar idea , it became embedded in my mind , so its scary to think of and i dont know what to do

Kevin, I can assure you that I went through the same obsession in taking my b/p

multiple times a day. I was already hyper just putting the cuff on, how could it

possibly give a proper reading? When I wasn't taking my b/p, I was monitoring

my heartbeat every moment of the day. When I'd sit, my fingers would be on my

wrist, When standing in a line at the grocery store, same thing. I even had a Cascio

watch that not only took my b/p and heart rate but showed a short EKG strip.

I had no life, I was a walking medical anomaly.

One day enough was enough and I stopped the obsession cold turkey. What was I

doing to myself, why was I doing this? Anxiety had taken over one more part of my

life and I wasn't going to have it. I had anxiety disorder, not a heart condition. I worked

out in water aerobics every day. I was in my prime. Weight was impeccable. As difficult

as it may be at the beginning Kevin, don't allow anxiety to trick you in thinking you need

to live like this. It's a matter of retraining those negative thoughts that come to play in

our mind and replace it with positive re-enforcement.

I now do meditation and deep breathing several times a day. Keeping the mind free from

stress and negativity can keep you healthy both mentally and physically. Give it a try :) x

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Kevin160 in reply to Agora1

Oh my god! This describes my life this past month , if i wasnt worrying about my bp i was worrying about pulse , self diagnosing yself over something deep down im aware i dont have , its just that the fear makes you believe things or do things regardless of logic , and i just want to live like i used to again , i had problems but it never took over me , now my fingers are on my neck, wrist and anywhere to take a pulse , just worried that my bp would rise or something without being able to measure it , its terrible and i just want to face it , at some point i was not measuring my bp for a few days , but every step forward i feel like i bave to take 2 steps back, something always happens and i lose my confidence and progress of over overcominb this , thanks for the feedback it helps alot to know this , and that unfacedthis , im going to try my best now , ;)

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