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Overwhelming Sense of Fear

I can't really seem to describe how im feeling. Lately I've been anxious/depressed because I feel like I need to know what's wrong with me. I haven't been able to sleep and I've over analyzed myself and what could be the cause of the issue. But I realize I just need to let go and start living in the moment. I think my anxiety was caused by delirium that I had a near death experience, when in all actuality I feel as though I caused it and made it worse by dwelling on it. I just want to sleep and wakeup so that I can get back to living life normally. I've thought about getting away and visiting relatives. A therapist who I have not seen yet told me to become a relaxation expert, however when I fall asleep I wake up with overwhelmig sense of fear that I can't escape this hell I created for myself. I not crazy just overwhelmed and I know sleep help can anyone else relate?

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Waking up with overwhelming sense of fear... does it happen any other time, during day or during night?

It happens to me sometimes, the fear, seemingly randomly but mostly when I am worrying about the future so I try to take each day at a time and be mindful in the present moment.

I like that the therapist said to become a relaxation expert. Good idea.

Have you tried deep breathing or meditation or exercise? Replacing negative thoughts with positive? I am practicing these and things are not totally better and terrific but having improvement.

Best to you!

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I have discovered within the past few days by speaking with her that the best way to deal with anxiety is to start practicing cognitive behavior techniques, and meditate, do light exercises like yoga and tai chi. It also wouldn't be such a bad idea to meet with a Reiki master, study and practice it. My therapist hasn't even sat down with me yet because I keep canceling my appointments. Im getting better, but its when I fall asleep that I become overwhelmed once again by negative thoughts.

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Sounds like an awesome plan and glad you sre getting better! I used to have a thing with nighttime but it lifted and I hope it does for you too. Try a meditation to go to sleep to maybe.

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Do you ever have thoughts go through your mind that drove you crazy like why do I do this or that? I drive myself nuts because I get overwhelmed by overthinking.

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Oh yeah you are not alone with that! Over analyzing. Intrusive obsessive thinking, self critical. We can try catching this and changing what we choose to focus on.

I can relate to your situation. I wake up with overwhelming fear that lasts all day long. I just don’t feel like myself! I also had a near death experience.

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Mine was more like an out of body experience, but im getting over it now, but its taking sometime. Just need a good deep nights sleep.

Yes. Dreadful sense of fear.

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