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Trying to do better

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It seems like the past 3 weeks my anxiety symptoms are coming back I’m feeling the dizziness body fatigued the sour jaw coming back and just feeling horrible I can’t help but think something is super wrong I hate this 😭😭😭 does anybody else feel this way when anxiety is super bad or when they are feeling better and bam feeling all these health symptoms again?

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I think we all experience differently. What caught my attention to your post was your time frame. Anxiety symptoms have returned for me since the New Year. How long has it been since your last episode? For me it’s been several years. I think having gone so long and now having this relapse is equally bothersome to the symptoms themselves. I’ve read a bit of Claire Weekes and am trying to push through the discomfort. Got to let go of the fear and deal with the situation at hand. Let me know if you want to talk more about your situation.

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Stephanie89 in reply to Needtovent

It seems to me right around Christmas time I started to get my anxiety again and feeling these horrible symptoms it’s been like 2 months before that I was feeling great feeling like me then bam I feel it out of no where and I’m trying to get myself back again now my health anxiety is off the roof I am constantly diagnosing myself 😭

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