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Do I want to feel better?

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Had my second therapy visit yesterday. On my first visit, she gave me a test for anxiety and depression and I scored moderate for both, no suprise. One of the questions was “ Do you want to feel better?”... initially I thought of course, who wouldnt? We talked about some people dont really want to feel better, they enjoy the attention their misery brings. I have trouble identifying my true feelings, so Im hoping I want to feel better. Sounds a little lame, you would think by the time a person reaches 66, they would be able to identify their feelings better. So anyway, just wanted to share a little. Im feeling hopeful. I was actually humming to a song, havent done that in a long time.

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I tell any new provider not to look at my chart. I want them to meet me first. I am not my chart.

My gosh we had frequent flyers in the hospital who would hurt themselves or fake a seizure or heart attack so they could stay. It’s important not to say ‘my anxiety’ but say ‘the anxiety of the situation is getting to me’. It’s not yours to keep. Don’t identify it as part of you. Many people do and use it to their advantage and for some pay off. I don’t have time for that.

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Very good points, def dont want to claim anxiety or depression as mine!

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So, what we have to do with ourselves and others is to pay attention to what we do more than what we say. For instance you say of course you want to get better and I see you are on a health forum to ensure that happens. So, I believe you do want to get better. Simple , right. Pam

I just want to be normal, if that’s feeling better then yes I want that. I’m 64 and anxiety/ depression has hit me hard.

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I'm not that interested in being normal as much as I am in being well. I'm 71 or 72 I forget which, but health is my issue now.I've been through anxiety and panic attacks and recovering from them makes you stronger. Depression is an on going battle which I will win in time and then who knows what the next fight will be. You can do this, I can hear it in your words. Pam

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Hello beautiful Angel. I'm glad you enjoy taken the first steps to healing. You're worth it and I absolutely adore you so yes, you do deserve to feel better. I wish you an amazing healing journey and you're never too old to feel better and reach for your dreams. Age is but a number. 💙💚

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Thankyou Magicdreamer, you are right! I agree with you, maybe need to re read on those gray days. 💜

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Agree. Sometimes it is very difficult to identify true feelings. Often I get confused, because I start thinking “Maybe that’s what my anxiety wants? Maybe I want the opposite?” This is always hard to me.

I am happy that you’re feeling hopeful! This is always a good sign!!

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Thankyou! Im feeling more “ depression doesnt own me” instead of poor me.

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I completely understand what you're going through. I've been suffering with anxiety & depression for over 20 years. I also see a therapist I just started going again. I'll pray for you I'm here if you need to chat🙏

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