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Wish I could say I'm doing better.

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Physical symptoms keep creeping up on me like the body and sometimes face twitches. I saw a neurologist last week and he said most likely stress, caffiene, or tiredness. After that I still cant stop stressing about it. I also had some blood tests done that I'm continuously checking to see if they have been posted yet. I try to distract myself but the physical symptoms like the daily headaches and dizziness and twitching is pretty constant. I dont know if I will ever feel like myself again.

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Physical symptoms that are caused by our emotional symptoms can be so challenging & awful.

I too have struggled with fear and an almost obsessive need to figure it all out already and start feeling better.

How long have had these symptoms?

I also suffer from dizziness....

On and off for about 9 months

I had dizziness, tingling, numbness, weak arms and i thought I had all sorts of different diseases. It is important to check your boxes with medical tests but once I started medication and counseling these physical symptoms went away and when they flare up i am better equipped to deal with them. They are very scary and the dizziness is sometimes debilitating but you can get better.

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My blood tests came back normal. Neurologist also didnt seem too concerned with what I shared about the twitching and so forth. The past week has actually gotten a bit better. I am noticing the more stressed out I am the more I get these symptoms.

I can say for sure that these symptoms defintly increase with anxiety... if not totally caused by anxiety... now does that make it easier to deal with....? Nope

What medication worked for you? If you don't mind me asking

I take ativan as needed which helps me.

What medication worked for you? If you don't mind me asking?


Proxac and hydroxizine

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