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Doing okay but could be better


Hey guys, hope everyone is doing okay. The day has been pretty good for me but now iam home and my hands are shaking and iam thinking of the noises that aren't even hear. It's like I know what I should do and what I should think but iam still trying to incorporate it. I know iam making a big deal out of it, I know it's not as bad as Iam making and I know that the God I serve is bigger than any problem I have. Just need to apply those things in everyday situations. You guys dont know how much this group has helped me...brings tears to my eyes and iam a 5'10, 260 paralegal who has to be strong all the time. Thank you guys....lets do this together

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Are you ok? Do you take medication for anxiety?

Jrick34 in reply to Hidden

Hey, iam a little okay and dont meds at the moment. Been trying to take this thing head on and conquer my fear. Some days are great but some are not so great. Just hate being alone and no one to talk to when my days aren't great

RedwineFL in reply to Jrick34

Don’t be afraid to share how you’re feeling. It has helped me get through many bouts of depression and feelings of guilt associated with substance abuse. I haven’t been on here for a long time and was feeling down the past couple of days. Seeing that we are not alone in our struggles can have a big impact on how we cope with things. Stay strong 🙏🏽

Jrick34 in reply to RedwineFL

Thank you and i hope you begin to feel better about things. We are definitely in this together and by motivating each other it will greatly help the process. I just wish i could make all of us better...but until those powers come, iam always here if you need me. Let's stay strong together guys

I think that I am just like you with not liking to be alone. I'm married, but, I've began feeling lonely at night, every night, about a few months ago. See...

We've taken over custody of my niece. She's suffered tons of trauma and still sufferers more by her father as we speak, on to of that, she has ADHD. With the ADHD, she's up a lot during the night while we should be sleeping. I've literally learned amazing ways to hide things around the house so she can't get into it. Because if her nightmares at night and her impulses she has when she wakes, I had to me my bed to my couch and it's been like that for over 2 years now. I do it for my niece but, at night I'm lonely, I'm cold. It's scary. I can barely sleep at all anymore. I get 2-4 hours a night every night. I'm tired all the time but never can sleep because my mind is loud and my "bed" is cold and lonely.

I'm sorry for you to have to suffer longer. I never knew how important it was to have at least one person to keep you company is until that was taken. I hope that you're able to find that one. The pain is bad but, I always try focusing on the most amazing thing in my life at that moment and breathe in.

What kind of outlets do you have? Something you can do just to drown out the noise in your head so that you can calm down your heart. That pressure on the heart isn't good. I usually find something before I suffocate. Music. Draw. Find a book. Watch TV. Take a walk. Something, anything.

Get well. Come watch WWE Extreme Rules. I'm loving it and I'm a chick 😉

Try to smile. Get well.

Wow Iam watching it right now! Yea that helps me cuz I know it's so fake lol. Your experiences are can definitely help me and I thank you for sharing. I always have music on, I like to cook different things and I read to keep my mind away from other thoughts. Thank you for replying, now I feel better knowing iam not the only one who watches WWE

Been watching the WWE since the 80's! Miss the old style but still watch. It's so predictable too but fun & funny. Like tonight, last name match, PVP event, of course Brock or someone big was going to take that title.

It's amazing who you can meet in groups like these.

Take care of you! It's important. Keep calm.

I just had my first biggest laugh in many years with my 14 year old daughter. Out of no where from our silly German Shepherd and a piece of melted chocolate on my couch. She got it in her finger and showed it to me, out of no where. All I could ask was where the hell did that come from & broke or laughing. Out dog had her pinned against our couch in search of his hidden shoe. It all was just too funny.

I'll keep you in my thoughts for tonight. Hope you do well.

Good to hear your day was pretty good. Mine was alright. Made myself go deal with the problem I found yesterday. Took me four hours and was so hot and humid today. I sit here and wonder what would help you feel more relaxed at home and wish I had a solution. Do you have a pet? I talk to my dog. She is also a great comfort to me. If I start crying she's right there and most times she will be slammed up against me and lays her head on me. So what was the best part of your day ?

Jrick34 in reply to All_alone

The best part was being at home, hearing the noises and still able to keep a clear mind. It was so refreshing and I just sat there and basked in it. I hope Iam able to do that more often. Thank you for asking

The world needs more people with your kind of heart. Thank you so much for being here.

Jrick34 in reply to JAYnLA

Thank you for taking the time to read and be a part of this post. Don't be a stranger, lets all grow together.

I m glad this site has helped. We're here for each other. You can get though this, I feel the way you do, seems like it's Never ending? It will get better, sit by yourself and think it though pray... release it to God. I've been having stomach issues and this is no kidding. The other night I was in tears because I was tired of my stomach upsetting me. I prayed to God that I was releasing this to him because I couldn't handle it anymore,. I suddenly felt this gentle/calmness come over me and my stomach felt better.

I appreciate all that you wrote...especially you're keen awareness that your anxiety is coming from inside. If I understand what you wrote you acknowledge that there's nothing external, actual bringing it on. If you're like me my anxiety is "leftovers" from my childhood and adolescence.

I think of it as a tuning fork that was tapped early in my life (childhood and adolescence). The anxiety I feel all these many years later are vibrations created years and years ago. I am on medication and I see a therapist each week--2 times. All of these together have helped.

One or two friends have the patience to hear my "stuff" when I need to share it, and I am grateful for that. Next Monday I'll be visiting my sister for the first time since she was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. I feel a lot of dread and anxiety and that's because it also brings up issues of my own mortality-'something that to date I haven't looked at.

I have some local cancer related organizations that may be able to provide support but I may have waited too late in relation to my departure to get their help. I'll try and if anyone reading this knows of a credible resource for family members of cancer patients I'd love to hear about it. Peace to all.

Jrick34 in reply to HarvInNY

I terribly sorry for about your sister. I can definitely understand how that can drive the anxiety to another level. I am a firm believer in the Word of God and I believe that the spirit puts people in our lives to help us get through a storms. Share any and all you want to on this post and I will listen, offer, my experiences, prayers or just my ear if you need it. I hope to God your sister is healed and that you are able to take that joy and use it for yourself as well.

HarvInNY in reply to Jrick34

Jerick, you're words are encouraging. Thank you

HarvInNY in reply to Jrick34

Please excuse my typo--Jrick34

Hi Jrick34, I understand you totally. I am a lawyer myself. Sometimes just pressure keeps coming and coming, I try my best not to snap while at work. Then I come home and all the emotions flood my mind.

I am also trying to see the bigger picture, but currently I am failing miserably at that...

Let's just have several deep breaths together.

Absolutely, yea lets do that. Some days its unbearable and I find myself thinking its something that Ive done to cause this or something I was suppose to do but didn't. But there is a bigger picture and I believe we are in control of our situations; just have to believe in ourselves that we have the power...and not the anxiety. Lets breathe

Agree. There is definitely a bigger picture, which is in bright and happy colours.

Hi Jrick,

I get shaky hands sometimes, I put it down to muscular tension that I have in my neck and my shoulders. I constantly hold myself rigid when I'm suffering my anxiety.

What noises do you hear? I suffer with tinnitus and whooshing noises but again for me I believe its tension in the muscles in that area again.

I'm also a jaw clenched, so much so I am sure I could bite a tree on half! 😂

I hope your days continue to get better.

Moved into a bigger apartment but the neighbors upstairs were making a lot of noise. I asked to keep it down and they try but the have 2 young boys so its only so much they can do. After awhile it triggered my anxiety and I starting hearing it all the time; when they weren't home or even at work. This group has really helped me and forgive me for laughing but I did really hard when you said you can bite a tree lol

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