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I’m Martin 64 I been living with anxiety panic depression I try all medication and only one works but still have the symptoms anxiety depression I lost everything job my marriage my car I’m in 0 lost everything I got couple friends is being a lot support morally I los interest and things I use to love I wish have or meet anyone has this symptoms I have palpitations feeling like I’m going die feel blues feel sadness like my heart is going stop sweating I wish find way to manage this please if anyone can give me advice to be a lot help god bless everyone in this site

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Any tips to manage anxiety

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I recently started on buspirone but I’m trying to handle things naturally as well. I’m taking potassium, b complex and magnesium. I know massage therapy helps me. I’ve also researched foods that help diet bc what we put into our bodies helps. I’m forcing myself to drink more green smoothies and make healthier choices. Next week I have acupuncture I will let you know how that helps so keep in touch if you need someone to talk to. This week was really rough for me as well. But I love that you said you are trying to get on God’s path again. I truly believe with all my heart that prayer is powerful. Those close friends that support you... don’t be ashamed or scared to tell them to pray for you. You have this support group right here. You’ve come so far, you woke up today and you came here.... that’s you fighting these feelings! Fighting for ur health and happiness—- don’t lose faith. Pray.... meditate. I hope it gets better for you! Sending blessings and hugs!

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Thank you for replying

peterfromlondon in reply to Hidden

i see what u say but dont agree with the god path ..... but good luck too u

What med is it that works for you?

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Clonazepam and they give me to sleep trazedone i can be ok and anxiety comes and goes and i can be ok happy and one moment comes and stay for hours and goes like nothing you nick Chicago girl I use to live in Chicago

ChicagoGirl1961 in reply to Hidden

The clonazapam and trazodone should defitnitley help, the clonazapam should markedly reduce anxiety and trazodone should help with sleep if you suffer from insomnia.....but the meds won't do it all....I think to be well we have to learn not to dwell on the painful problems and reprocussions that have resulted from both anxiety and depression.....think about what you have overcome throughout your life in spite of anxiety....and although at a low point right now focus on how you can overcome obstacles rather than dwelling on the unfortunate things that have occurred that brought you to this point......you control your mind...push those negative thoughts aside and don't dwell on them....look forward to the future.....you must have hope!!! Things can and will get better in time but you have to work at it mentally to make it happen. You can do this, many from this site have been where you are and gotten back on there feet and gotten there life back and found some happiness in life. You can do this too!! Be well.

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Thank you hope keeping contact and thank you for you moral support I been get to go back gym back to my old job I’m jockey race horses for 30 years and i been try do my best now i start back god path and get to be close to positive people but i really is be nice keeping if you like of course chat here my name is Martin and thank you again for replying to me god bless you


Yes I got back god path and slowly but surely is working but I hope things get better I start b12 complex and vitamins and eat healthy and start get close positive people I was bad relationship this woman put me more down I have to let her go cause cause me a lot stress and depression

hi im 64 too and understand how u feel i do too

Dear Mart64, I am sorry that you are going through this. My mom has battled with this depression for years. It seems like it is never ending and that its a battle that is never won. The good news is, that there is help other than meds.

Have you thought about therapy? Or have you thought about a support group? I know my mom found her help in church and with her women's group, they were there to support her and let her talk. I am passing along a resource that may help. Be free to click on it and read. Well wishes to you and this can get better. You are strong and full of courage for reaching out.


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