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Good morning. I am new to this forum. I am a 44 year old female with anxiety and panic disorder and ocd. As far back as I could remember I had anxiety and panic. It became worse in my late 20s. My anxiety and fear is I will stop breathing. When I’m having a panic attack I feel like I cannot breathe and I’m going to pass out. I wasn’t sure what was happening to me at first because the symptoms felt so real. Even chest pain and feeling like I’m going to black out. There were numerous visits to the Er and even calling 911 to find nothing was wrong. I did find out I have asthma but I’m a smoker if 20+ years too. All my trips to the er ended with several tests and nothing wrong so they gave me Xanax. My dr the. Started me on Prozac and Xanax. I’m on 60 mg of Prozac and 300 mg Wellbutrin and .25 Xanax. It doesn’t help control the anxiety and panic but it is still there. Does anyone else feel the short of breath thing? I appreciate any comments

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Costochondritis maybe??

I have had my heart checked several times. When I’m having a panic and anxiety attack even if I tell myself it’s one it doesn’t matter

Hello Greta

Have you tried Mindfulness Relaxation Technique, you can also purchase a book on this on Amazon for £7;00. You also need to do breathing techniques so you can counteract your breathing . What are you taking for your Asthma. If you smoke it will affect your breathing and lungs. Do you not feel the need to stop smoking.

In my teens and Twenties I used to smoke sixty cigarettes a day I had a car accident and stopped smoking and used the saved money to buy a new car. It took over seven years to gain back my health from my smoking. So in a way it helped me save money and I was able to enjoy my life more

Have you had any treatment for your Anxiety, like talking Therapy. ?


I am taking Wellbutrin to stop smoking. 300mg a day. It has helped me cut down to a half a pack a day. I do want to stop. I just started seeing psychiatrist next week will be my third visit. I’m not sure how it’s going yet. I don’t feel any changes. I never tried the mindful relaxation but I am goi g to look it up now and check into it. I. Found a place near me with chair yoga and beginners tai chi. I’m 45 and in the past year had several surgeries on my spine. I have spinal stenosis. My last surgery was a spinal fusion. I am currently doing a spinal stimulator trial. I can’t do heavy work outs but hoping yoga will help. I will check into the book thank you for your advise

I have shortness of breath pretty bad. All day long.

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And I am also a smoker. But I fear my anxiety/depression would be worst if I tried quitting.

Do you feel short of breath from smoking g or from panic and anxiety?

A little bit of both. I've been diagnosed with COPD and take meds for it but I think the anxiety makes it worse.

I’m afraid I will end up with copd. My mom had it and I watched her die. It was horrible. If I knew I wouldn’t die from smoking I wouldn’t t care because I enjoy smoking. I know that sounds strange. About 10 years ago my anxiety and panic attacks were causing shortness of breath to the point where I would almost black out. It scared me so much I quit smoking for 4 years. Just stopped. But then I started dreaming about smoking and I started up again

Hi I was diagnosed copd in 2013 ..it comes a point where you have no choice but to stop ....when I got diagnosed I smoked twice as many because of the worry but comes a point when you are unable to smoke because you are choking...chronic bronchitis is is no joke stop now if you can.

I know am going to try really hard. Did u quit? Do u think the hypnosis works

I had to quit but not until I was coughing blood.....and even then I tried ...so I stopped by using the nicotine patches ...stuck them all over myself for a couple of weeks they do help

That’s horrible. I’m glad you were able to quit maybe I will try them in addition to the Wellbutrin. Thank you


You might need to go see your doctor and increase the amount of medications, which could be the best way you can do.

If inhaler doesn't help your short breathe, you should take medications such as Singulair and keep doing your breathing method! Thank you for reading this, and good luck.

P.S. And if possible, carefully do check-up for your asthma again to what exactly is going on around your lung in the hospital!!

I am

On singular and advair discus and I have the machine to help with breathing. My family dr is going to send me to a lung doctor to see what’s going on. The last time I was diagnosed with asthma was 17 years ago. I probably have the start of copd. I hope not. I feel bad for you. Is it under control with the medicine? Can u breathe normal. Why the coughing up blood?

Hi Greta. I’m Andy. So sorry to hear about your problems. It’s such a lot on your shoulders. What we wouldn’t give to have a anxiety/panic free life. Or just a day even! In the eye of a panic attack your body is on fight/flight. Adrenaline release.This is needed for times of danger. We tense up, all our energy focuses on fighting, or fleeing. So we over-breathe causing carbon dioxide levels in the blood to decrease. This is hyperventilating. Feeling like we can’t get enough air into our lungs. So the aim now is try and calm ourselves. A suggestion to me was a thing called grounding. Please look this up. I try grounding plus distraction. I try to relax by using adult colouring books designed to help as a therapeutic tool. I also listen to some easy music. Long reply to you but felt this may help you. Take good care of you x

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