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Does anyone else feel like this or it just me 😐

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Most times I feel ungreatful when I'm depressed ... Cause I just feel like I shouldn't be depressed especially when there are people out there in the world that are going through so what do I really have to be depressed about, when people are litterally suffering out there...And then I get even more upset.. I can't stand myself when I'm depressed.

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Nope, it's just you. The rest of us here are all normal perfectly adjusted people lol. But seriously, I, like you don't like myself when I'm depressed. Whein depressed I'm usually thinking something negative about myself, hence the self loathing in spite of they fact I probably have ii better than a lot of people and no real reason to be so depressed. Depression, sometimes it has no rhyme or reason.

I don't know... It just makes me so mad at the some of the stuff I get depressed about ... Just want it to go away

What helps me is making a concious choice not to dwell on or beat myself up about things I regret from the past. Everyone has regrets, bur many of us that are depressed dwell upon and relive those ,regrets time after time. We need to look forward, and also to realize that we are giving our regrets far more thought, importance, and relevance than thery merit. We can't let regrets about our past weigh upon us to the point that they negatively influence us in our day to day life which only leads to further regret. It's a vicious cycle, and we have to train ourselves not to dwelll on regrets and negative experiences from our past or they will no doubt bring us down an impede our path to good mental health, and ultimately, the happiness that seems to elude us that we so desperately want.

I'm trying so hard everyday to not let my past get to me , I really am. Some days, I just feel so defeated, though. It really is a vicious cycle. My thoughts are so over-powering sometimes. It's ridiculous... I just want to fight this off.. I don't want it to win or take over me.

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I feel that all the time. I've got this great life, good friends, amazing opportunities, and yet there I am, depressed and mad at myself for being depressed. Like you said, What do I have to be depressed about!!?? It's an awful feeling. I'm right along side you.

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Grrr , I just feel like it's minor stuff ... But for some reason , it makes such an impact on me. It's a terrible feeling.

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I know it's the small inconveniences that build up and crash down all at once. It's so overwhelming.

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Yes , it really can be overwhelming. I'm trying so hard to overcome all this.

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That's all we can do sometimes. hugs

We need to remind ourselves that depression is not always caused by our circumstances. Sometimes it is part of our DNA. Sometimes we need to remember that depression is a real thing that physically happens in our brain. Thinking of it as something physical that needs to be overcome just like diabetes helps me to keep it in perspective. There is great medicine to help those with diabetes and habits that they can learn to help themselves be more healthy. We can do the same thing! There is great medicine available to help me and there are many habits I can learn to help myself be more healthy. Thankfully there has been a lot of research done to learn what habits help best. I am so thankful for the people who have gone before me and the researchers that care enough about people that they spend their lives working to make ours better.

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Dear Poppy just read your post I am climbing the wall at this minute been up since 4.30 never did like the dark days or nights always felt nervous,but my anxiety has reached an all time high ( read my earlier posts) I an not on medication at moment frightened to take serataline in case is makes glaucoma worse.Did speak to somebody at eye hospital yesterday not helpful at all told me to go back to my Dr and ask him.I am going to try and get appointment for this the meantime my general health is suffering,I already have Bronchiectasis and osteo arthritis but this awful anxiety and depression is really taking its toll on me,I don’t think I could cope without the wonderful support of friends on this site and I thank each and every one of you

Oh, mydogs! It looks like anxiety has really been hard for you. I hope you get your answer about glaucoma very soon.

I know how you feel. I have everything anyone could ask for, yet i still feel hopeless and alone. Sometimes i wish i had an actual DISEASE like cancer instead, i know that sounds stupid.

Hi Kay8901, I have been there before myself especially with this pandemic going on and having limited resources. I know when I am in this mindset, it helps me to think about all the things that I do have and to be grateful for those things. Though, this is easier said than done for me sometimes. Another tool that I use is to reframe my way of thinking about why I'm feeling the way that I am or if there is something that triggered the emotion that I am feeling. Are you familiar with reframing your thoughts and mindfulness? Are there things around you that are triggering you to feel this way? Do you journal at all? That is also another tool to help process feelings. Hope that I've helped you in some small way.

Don't believe that you can't stand yourself cause some or a lot of people have it worse than you. You have a medical illness called depression you have nothing to beat yourself up for. I use to beat myself up all the time because even though I tried even after passing out a few times at work due to my anxiety that I wasn't a man cause I don't work. That I'm a freak because I'm on disability. I even have problems with God's love for me. I've gone to confession with pages of reasons why everyone else can be forgiven but not me. Have you ever heard blessed are the poor in spirit for they shall inherit heaven? Many people in the church that I have talked to or watched on YouTube say the poor in spirit means people with mental illness. Don't pile more guilt on yourself then your medical disease already puts on you.

Love you.

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