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I Feel Like Everyone Hates Me


Hi, I recently joined here after finding myself googling "why do I feel like everyone hates me". I've suffered with severe depression in the past, but I know I don't feel depressed right now. I just feel like something isn't quite right. I find myself constantly questioning what other people think of me. I notice the smallest changes in the way others act around me, but never able to ask why. I over compensate when someone acts off with me, and find myself apologising for something I didn't even do. I will avoid confrontation and drama at all costs. I used to be such a laid back person, but recently I feel like my mind does not stop. No matter what I do, I always feel like everyone else is better, that I'm always second best, or even third. I can't stop these thoughts in my mind, I absolutely hate it and it's making me miserable and paranoid. I feel like I'm going insane.

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I feel exactly the same like I'm always in people's way hanging around like a bad smell like everyone wants me to go away but don't want to upset me so they just accept that I'm around not wanting me there but not wanting to upset me incase it triggers my depression and they feel bad if something happens to me they don't want to blame themselves feel like everytime I speak or breathe I'm getting on people's nerves but it's all in our heads I've told my friend multiple times if you want me to go away so you can have peace just tell me and sometimes she does say do you mind if you don't come round today she just wants to be on her own but most days she says I help her feel better to but I've still got that feeling that she's just feeling sorry for me if you ever need a chat just message me 🙂 Hope you feel better soon x

Thank you very much for this, I appreciate it! It's nice to know someone else feels the same. Hope you're okay too X

Jaimskies in reply to NemosLost

I couldn't have said it better myself "I'm always in people's way hanging around like a bad smell like everyone wants me to go away".

I'm having difficulty with this feeling that my family hates me. it's like anything that comes out of my mouth is offensive to them even if it's just to say hello.

I am a 30 yr old single woman and have been dealing with anxiety for most of my life. my anxiety has made it nearly impossible to hold a steady job which has resulted in living with my parents. i am extremely grateful that my parents allow me to live with them at this stage of my life.

recently ive been having this debilitating feeling that my family can't stand me. like I'm a disgusting parasite no one can get rid of. all I want to do is run away but I have no means to do so. I'm locked in a cage called a house and too scared to step out into the world. if my own family hates me so much.. how on earth could a stranger like me??

somewhere deep down I know that this is my anxiety telling me all these lies. i wish that part was more pronounced so I could have a so called normal life.

So sorry to hear this, I can’t imagine how that must feel. My issue was with friends and feeling like none of them really liked me. I hope things work out for you and you get to the bottom of it all, maybe try speaking to them and seeing what they say, I’m sure they will reassure you they most definitely do not hate you. Good luck with everything.

same i feel like that all the

Me too a T!

I to tell the exact same it so I can relate a lot because I feel like this now and to be honest it makes it that much harder for me to be uniquely myself about anything conversation or just how u feel period but now a days people forget to be kind nd so they think mean is the new nice ughhh.. I hate that so much I always tell myself that I just want to just get away from everyone who causes me nothing but pain and sadness I don't even know what to do with me

Its comforting to know, im not the only one feeling this way and living this way.

same here

I think you need to see a counselor. This is someone who will be honest with you and support you. You will know if you're pleasant to be with and if you're doing anything wrong with a counselor. You'll get guidance on how to act or do things. Probably you're just fine but it's better to have a counselor to tell you these things and to guide you on how to talk to others and what to say. You can practice anything that you both feel needs practicing. You can learn anything you think you don't do so well socially. You definitely seem awkward and needing some counseling on this subject.

I love my counselor, a LCSW, and can highly recommend one to you!

I've been debating getting counselling for a while now, but at the moment my brother is in counselling and my dad is on the verge, so I can't put my family through knowing half of our family needs help. I've had counselling before and I hated it, but I was willing to try again as I feel I need to help, I just can't seek it right now. I'm fine when it comes to people, it's just my mind over thinks everything and I feel like everyone talks badly about me no matter how kind and caring I am.

So your own self image is one of inadequacy and you're afraid other people will notice and talk about it. If you weren't convinced of this you wouldn't feel like everyone talks badly about you; you would assume they talked kindly about you if they talked about you at all.

If you go to counseling, it would be great if you and your counselor could work on changing how you see yourself. I think you need to see all of your good and strong and positive traits and give yourself credit for them. Every one!

I feel the exact same way, it has gotten to a point where I am scared to do the things I love because of what others will think, or out of fear of losing people. I really hope everything works out, and I will always be here to provide support no matter what. Best wishes :-)

It's an awful feeling, I just feel like if there's me and someone else, the other person always gets picked. I'm always second best. In a group of friends I'm the one left out despite me constantly caring for people and giving my all.. It's like everything I do goes unnoticed and isn't appreciated. Thank you so much, same goes to you!

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