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Anyone feel like they're in a fog?


I always either feel like I am in a fog or very depressed. I am having a rough day today. I thought I was making progress but today I feel more unsure of myself than ever. I feel like everything I do is wrong and like people don't like being around me. Today is a mixture of fog and sadness. I wish I could just change who I was. It would be so much easier.

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Sorry your going through those blue days....I read your last post and you said a couple of days ago you started therapy. You had a good day because you were able to realize that not everything is your fault, and you let others accept their own stuff. So you have proven to yourself that sometimes others can take responsibility for their own actions, and we are not always at fault. We forget sometimes that other people are really in their own world most of the time dealing with their own issues, and that they are not really paying much if any attention to us. Don't read anything into what other people are doing or feeling unless you directly interacted with them and know from their own words what they feel or don't feel. You are only responsible for your own actions, nobody else's. You know from just a few days ago that you can have good days too, and this will pass...maybe give your therapist a call and get a few suggestions until your next visit with them.

Thank you for the advice! I know I can have good days. I think that my isolation and feelings of aloneness are getting to me pretty badly lately. I sometimes feel like I have no one close to me. All of my friends are very non-emotional people and my best friend is never really there for me. But I am trying to rely on myself more, and there are good parts of most days. Thanks again for the support :)

I'm glad your sharing here...and being here you know your not alone. If I may suggest trying to do other things where you may interact with other people. It may be a good time to meet new friends. The healthier we get, we find people around us don't really change who they are.....we do. We change...and it's a life long process getting better, but you will find that it's okay to go forward, and don't look back, and if those old friends stay where they are, that's okay keep working on coping skills and feeling better.

Thank you so much. You're right and I want to try to start putting this into practice. :)

I feel like this a few days after I have panic attacks. I feel in a fog, almost like I'm not myself. I feel like I'm watching a movie of my life and its miserable. I too am having a bad day today. I have this disconnect with myself and just cry. I want to leave work so badly, go pick up my kids and go home, but I force myself to stay. I feel if I give into the anxiety, it will take over my life. It is hard. This all started recently and I am trying to make sense of it all. I know I am stronger then this but at times, I feel hopeless. I am looking to start therapy which I heard does wonders. I am hopeful that I can just be me again. : /

Hi there, thanks for the response. I am sorry to hear you're having a rough day too. Sometimes I try to do what my therapist says and stop my mind from wandering to negative things. But I often find that it is a compulsion. When you live your whole life measuring your worth based on how other people see you it is hard to be comfortable and happy with yourself. Mostly now that I am trying to rely on myself and realize my own worth I just feel alone. Don't worry I have also cried a lot today, you're not alone.

i’ve felt the exact same way for months now and i know how that feels we are in this together:)

Does the feeling at least come and go? I have convinced myself that fog follows my anxiety So it is simply a symptom. If I stop the cause= "stress/ anxiety" the fog will stop. I have not started CBT yet, but I'm very hopeful it will help and at least let me enjoy life with my family like I used to. I know anxiety will still pop up in life, but I just cant do the day to day.

Sorry I'm rambling and venting

you can ramble and vent to me all you want, because that’s what this place is for. In all honesty it depends on the person yes most people believe it comes and goes and of course it’s you that has to face that fog following you around it’s almost like a little cloud that is constantly around you that increases when the symptoms of anxiety worsen. CBT i believe would be an outstanding step forward to help with everything involved with your mental illness. don’t get me wrong mental illnesses suck so much but it’s okay to not okay if that makes sense ?

This is all so new to me. I never had anxiety as a kid. I had 2 children and had no issues while I was pregnant. I had a panic attack the first time AND LAST time I tried edibles, which was horrible and have no interest ever again. That was about 2 years ago. I had a panic attack in October 2017 when I moved, started a new job and started college for the first time, which is understandable. Now for 3 weeks, they come when they want, for no apparent reason. I almost ruined my sons birthday trip in Disney because of this crap. I am a hard head so of course I fight myself on it and force myself to go and do and be in situation's that I would rather not be in. it is not really stopping me from totally living. I just want to feel like me again and not have to stress this crap. :(

I know there are people out there that struggle more then me, and my heart breaks for them. That will sometimes help me get through when I feel like crap.

Just want to be me again...

the best way is to basically sink into it all like how people say “don’t ignore it face it” kinda things i feel that if you connected with how your anxiety makes you feel and understand it, it makes it easier to help it ? and of course the CBT will definitely be a great start :)

thanks :) I appreciate it

i also wanna mention that honestly nobody really knows why anxiety disorders really happen or how they just stem up from nothing sometimes so of course it’s even more troubling when you cannot find the source it comes from so i think that makes people even more anxious lol

oh, for sure. I was in the middle of target with my kids after a nice dinner and got hot flashes, tingling down my neck and then started freaking out and literally ran out of the store. It makes it scarier when you feel like you have no cause. I felt the need to kiss my kids and tell them I loved them before a nap the other day because the chest pain was so bad and I started to second guess if it was really anxiety. It is the worst thing I have had to deal with In my 30 years of living.

that’s what makes me tick is like whenever there’s something important to do or just in general like you’re in the middle of something and something bad happens :(

Yeah I know the feeling. I questioned if I was even here and if anything was even real. It was like watching yourself from afar in slow motion, a nightmare that you just can't seem to wake up from. I think what's best for now is taking it easy and as you start to feel better and gain back some of your energy, you'll be in a much better position to build yourself up as things will start falling into place. Your well being is most important. You can get back in touch with your friends or find new ones, but in any case, you'll have this abundance of positive energy radiating from you.

Thanks for the response. Actually one of the things I struggle with is feeling guilty or bad about feeling depressed because I'm not getting anything done. It's a vicious cycle. I agree I need to evaluate my friends as well. I feel like I'm getting too old to have people in my life who don't support me. :)

It might be a good idea to start out small then, something that you know for sure that you can accomplish. And then move onto something else that's manageable. Accumulating small victories cause it's so easy to place blame on ourselves for not getting anything done and worrying excessively over it. It does no good in the slightest.

I find it to be the case where if you are going through a very personal battle like depression or anxiety, you are on your own. Your friends, even best friends, don't want nothing to do with it. It makes sense that they have their own lives to worry about and do not have any space left to worry about ours. They're there for the good times, but don't want any of the bad. Just the way I see it. I hope you feel better and find the strength you know you have in yourself


Yes alot,i am always in a fog ,which itself makes me depressed and anxious.

Are u better now ,plz share any updates.

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