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Hopeless and very anxious

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Im new here and i been battling depression and anxiety for 8 years now, i cant seem to get better i tried antidepressants but don’t work, talk therapy kind of does a little bit, i suffer from agoraphobia as well so its hard for me to get out of the house without feeling like im going to die... i really need help but im afraid to go see a doctor all they do is give you antidepressants and xanax.. i dont want to kill myself i really don’t its not in me, but sometimes it feels like the only way out.

Im so tired of feeling like this, I pray to god every day but im really loosing my faith here.. what can i do?? Any advice

10 Replies
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Hi manny79, what if I told you that one day this will all be behind you? Would you believe that? It can and it will but only in working on yourself. It's true the doctors always have an

easy fix with medications. But it takes more than just popping a pill everyday in overcoming our challenges. It's got to start with you. I feel that medication and talk therapy have a place at times. It gives us that respite in thinking how we will approach

our issues. During the time on medication, we need to use that to find other methods that

we can turn to when taken off our meds.

There are a lot of resources out there that can help with depression/anxiety. It's a matter

of finding what works for you best. Giving up, is never the answer. Life is too precious a gift. I can relate to your fear of leaving your house. I was Agoraphobic for 5 years. Never

stepping outside for a moment. My doctor and nurses came to me. Therapy was done by

phone. Along with Amazon, who became my friend, I thought I had it good. Gee, I'd never

have to leave my home. It doesn't take long until you realize you are not living but just

existing. Sure you can have all the conveniences of life brought to you but is that the sentence you want to live with being enclosed within 4 walls??

To sum it up briefly, as for myself, I used the years trapped in my house in research. In having a plan and knowing and not just hoping that I one day would overcome my mental status. I have and I did. Meds, therapy at first, then finding tools to help me such as Meditation and Deep Breathing and later on, Self Hypnosis, Water Aerobics, Getting off the Xanax and one step at a time, I got "ME" back. You will too. Manny, I am sooo glad you

wrote us today. I see you joined a while ago. Something made you take that first important step forward. We are here to help you get unstuck and move ahead.

All in time my friend. :) x

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Manu79 in reply to Agora1

Thank you for replying Agora1

Very much appreciated

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kenster1 in reply to Manu79

medication is the easy option for the doctors they are not interested in your wellbeing as soon as you leave the room.my mum suffered agoraphobia and depression and she really struggled.she never took a pill in her life or had any outside support.it was a shame really being ignored.do you have a buddy/befriender who can help with the agoraphobia that could really help and its all on your terms.stick in with the therapy it really will help.

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manny79 in reply to kenster1

Thank you so much for your input kenster1

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Welcome Manny !

I am also new here ! I am also not in a good spot right now but I still have hope !

As Agora1 said , life is a gift !

I have had anxiety, panic attacks and depression for 19 years ! Sometimes I am good , sometimes I feel awful ! Some days I can get out of the house , some days I can’t get out of bed ! I spent 2 years without driving in the past and right now It has been 2 years without working out ! I can’t work out because I have panic attacks. I love dancing but my anxiety doesn’t let me .

Try to find little things to bring you join , get support online if you can’t attend a Support Group . I went to my first mental illness support group last Friday and it was great to be able to tell people my struggles and to listen to others.

I have found joy in volunteering and helping others ! Try to find a therapist that can help you have a plan ! Maybe a new psychiatrist that you can trust and be comfortable with.

nami.org/ is a great organization. Good peer support groups , crisis text line and peer to peer courses . I just signed up for one .

Good luck !

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manny79 in reply to foxglove_pnw

Thanks foxglove i really appreciate it

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Please, keep going! Praying for ALL of us that suffer in this manner. Try to find a mantra with deep meaning..mine is 'this too shall pass'. God bless us all.

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manny79 in reply to Hollick

Thanks hollick

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foxglove_pnw in reply to Hollick

That is mine too ! “ This too Shall Pass “ ❤️

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You are not alone here! We are all sharing this journey with you. It seems like I’ve been depressed for so long now, but I’m a little better than yesterday.... and tomorrow I might have a horrible day. You see thats how depression is. The healing process takes time. Give yourself a break. Ok? You’re in a good place.

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