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At this point I’m willing to try any natural remedy or supplement that’ll make me feel normal as I don’t wanna depend on meds so I bought some 5htp 100 mg and I take cbd 25mg on a regular which kind of helps I took both of them one hour from another then about hour later I started feeling really Nauseous and sick to my stomach the smell of food made me wanna puke & it totally made the dream like feeling worse today I feel like crap I’ve never felt this way before and I’ve experienced derealization/depersonalization which is leading to believe it’s not anxiety or depression & I took it a day before this didn’t happened. Has any one ever tried these two together? Or had similar symptoms taking them. it really feels like I’m slipping away day by day

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And I only took took it 2 days I know it takes a while for medicine to become effective

I tried taking 5htp once and it made me so nauseous I couldn’t take it again. As for the CBD, I find it relaxing but I usually rely more heavily on the THC for my mood. However, I’ve also recently experienced depersonalization/derealization and the THC doesn’t usually mix so well with that...

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Thank you for replying have you tried the 2 together?

You have started the htp on too high a dose.

50mg you should start on then move to 100mg in time if you even need to.

I doubt the cbd would affect it I have used both before & didnt notice anything. I ran out of cbd & sceptical about buying anymore bcoz I think it will just cost a fortune the dose I would need.

Tonight i took 50mg htp as I have been off it a while so I wont jump straight onto 100mg.

Also the brand ur using could be an issue.. i remember buying some 200mg incite stuff of amazon & that made me sick. Then I did my research & now 200mg straight away is silly.

Now I stick to higher nature when on offer.. or the h&b one.

Thank you for replying how Is it working for you? I heard so many amazing things about but after this experience I’m kinda scared to try it the brand I used was Natrol time release

Oh ok. natrol - that is a trusted brand tbh.

but I better know it for its melation -time release & I recently bought the fast release disolveable melatoin but the taste of artificial strawberry is nasty so I gave up on them.

Helped me sleep deeper but not initially falling asleep.

5htp does seems to calm me down after getting it into my system unless i take too much dose which then can wake me up too much.

My 5htp journey was to firstly help with insomnia & also a natural way to lift depression as I have tried most anti d's and I cant tolerate them.

What I am going to start doing is try taking the htp in the day rather than before bed and see if I am sleepy by then.

L-tryptophan works faster but it gave me brain zaps when taking for a few nights. So I guess if one doesnt help you try the other.

Yes have took with cbd anything from 2.5mg - 40mg I didnt feel sick or bad. However I have read that cbd can interact with suppliments like increasing the amount so with you taking 100mg the cbd could have shot it up a bit. You know how grapefruit can do this to meds.. lol.

Because u took time release that means your dose would not be immediate but rather slowly over a few hours. But I am no expert tbh.

Htp is best taken with a small carb snack like fruit or fruit juice,

If it makes u ill again then dont take it

Edit - meant Melatonin - up top of msg. - washing machine head atm.haha

Thank you

No worries 👍

If you are seeing a dr., there is an actual prescription supplement called Deplin. It is already an active form of folate which crosses the barrier to the brain. It is believed that many have a gene that causes a lack of 5-HTP and then tou are not able to turn folic acid into the folate which crosses the barrier into the brain. Folic acid will not cross the barrier it must be active folate. The folate then starts creating the serotonin that you are needing.

I know this is long, but my Dr. Explained it by explaining with a debit card. You start taking an SSRI to increase serotonin. So the same happens with the atm. You put your card in and money comes out. At some point though when more money is not deposited there is nothing left. So, the SSRI eventually uses all the serotonin in your brain because you lack the ability to create folate that needed to build back up the serotonin. So basically you end up on empty. Then the SSRI stops working.

I just started the 5-HTP the naturol (sp) brand and I feel a difference. I've never tried cbd but I would like too. I haven't had any side effects from the 5HTP. I got the chewables I found on Amazon for less than $10.

Hey How long have you been taking it and what dosage I started back today I’m really hoping it works

100mg and I've only been taking them for a week. I know some people take it twice a day but I didn't want to start off taking too much. I'm doing good so far and I don't want to chance it. How does it make you feel?

I heard start off low around 50mg but I feel nothing yet either it hasn’t kicked in or just a brand that doesn’t agree with my body hoping it works

I read mixed reviews so I made the decision to just start at 100mg. It helps. My concern is what happens when I stop taking them. You can try to gradually increase the dosage and see if you feel anything.

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