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Beginners guide for avoiding people

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1. Slouch in the hallway and hide behind the herds of migrating tall people.

2. Say that you have a project due and you really wish you could hang out with those friends you haven’t seen in forever

3. Walk faster...everywhere

4. Take the long route that no one goes on

5. When your eating, look really interested in your food so no one asks why your not talking

These are just some of the things I constantly have to do on a daily basis to keep myself from panicking in an unescapable evirement. I wish I could just be homeschooled, but I don’t want to become some anti social hermit. school is the only place where I actually see people and if I didn’t go I’d probably just stay at home all day. I also don’t want to miss out on all the things that are supposed to make high school worth the social struggles. I feel hopelessly trapped in the limbo in between school and home. I wish I could just find some 3rd option.

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Have you spoken with your guidance counselor or your parents or a trusted adult about the way that you are feeling? I have heard of public schools offering online classes and of extracurricular activities that can be attended for socialization? Perhaps the counselor can help give you some solutions for getting through school. Or maybe your parents can come up with some solutions? Hope that helps!

Ohmigoodness I feel you my friend. I've done ALL of those. In regards to 3rd option, some schools have a "satellite" system, where you homeschool some classes and go in for others. It's a bit of both. Research to see if your school offers that maybe? And honestly, high school experiences are all hype for people who aren't part of the, for lack of better term, "popular" group. I'm not sure where you stand, but know that it often times doesn't live up to expectations. Hugs!

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