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To the normal people...

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Sometimes I wish I could talk to someone who didn't have depression or anxiety and explain to them how I feel. Just so I can explain how I really feel.

I want to talk to a stranger not a therapist, I'm paying to listen to me, just a random person that I wont get to see ever again.

I have my friends but I can't tell them I feel like sinking on daily basis or that getting out of bed is an accomplishment or that not having a panic today made that one of the best days of the week.

I want to sit down with someone "normal" (I know everyone's unique and I support everyone's unique-ness but lack of a better phrase normal is what I'm going with) and have a deep talk about how different our lives are.

I don't remember what my life was like when I didn't feel sad or anxious. That is what probably hurts the most sometimes. I want to ask a normal person what it feels like to wake up and not hate yourself.

If anyone knows someone that's "normal", that wants to have a deep talk, Send them my way :)

Have a wonderful day everyone. Sending positive vibes to you all.

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I’ll talk but not sure if I fall under the “normal” category!!!!

Hear me out....

If your car was broke would you take it to a mechanic of 40 years or a plumber......

You might find it more frustrating talking to someone that doesn’t go through these things and just feel more isolated and alone.

There are some really good heads on this site.

Spit it out....what’s irking you????!

There is only your normal. I used to think there was a ‘normal’ and years trying to fit into my ideals of what those normal people were.

I think you should talk to those that have had (or had depression) as you’ll get a more empathetic ear. This site is full of like minded individuals experiencing the same or similar issues. Your’re in good company here.

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Thank you for that. But sometimes, very rarely, I just want to hear what it’s like to be able to function. Get out of bed when you wake and not feel like a robot or not have to swallow a pill because if you don’t you’ll have a mental breakdown. I don’t remember what it was like to not depend on pills or force a happy face. I know we all struggle but some people don’t struggle everyday and that’s something I wish I had. If that makes any sense....


I'll tell you what I tell my friend who says she isn't "normal" (said because her disability prevents her from living independently):

-There is no such thing as normal. You are normal for you, I am normal for me, your sister is normal for her, etc. It hurts me to hear you refer to yourself as not being normal.

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I enjoy who I am most days due to the fact that I live a judgment free life toward other and passionate to people but none of that matters because on a daily basis I have that little depression voice that makes me feel like none of that is important and that I’m worthless. So I just want to talk to person who doesn’t feel like they want to hurt themselves or has a depression voice to degrade them. Normal is black and white to me but at the same time black and white don’t feel the way I feel

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But I do appreciate you for reminding what I do like about myself. I forget it sometimes and your comment helped me remember that.

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You're welcome! Glad I could be of help👍

Hi everyone has there own normal, there is not a general normal we are all different and unique, someone may not have your problems but they still have their own because thats life, people on here are at all different levels and can have some amazing advice😊

I appreciate that. Thank you

And i am always here to talk to 😊

Same for you ❤️

Well, I think we define normal and not normal. And ever since emy anxiety and depression issues began, I've been grateful to meet people who're going through similar issues of their own, sometimes for years. What that has made me feel is that, all of us are struggling with something or the other. But despite our issues, it still is possible to wake up in the morning feeling good and having the confidence that the day is going to be good.

For the longest time, I've felt like I'm not like other people, like they have something I don't have, like they are "normal" and I'm not. But over the past few years knowing some people who struggled with too many health issues but still had a positive outlook on life, I feel the normal-ness is more relative.

With that said, feel free to reach out in case you want to talk.

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Thank you for that.

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