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constantly angry

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I am living at home with a parent who constantly tells me that I am a burden on him. I desperately want to get away but i cant afford to move out. I am still unemployed which makes me feel like i have no stability in my life. I have tried to talk about it to other people, but all i am told is that it is a normal part of adult relationships and that i should just laugh it off. I need help to find a way to cope because the constant pressure is driving me crazy. I do not ever ask my parent for money and i cook and i make sure that i keep on top of all the housework.

i am also afraid to move out because i have recently lost my mother and i know that my father is depressed. however, i am struggling with dealing with him because he picks a fight and then acts as if nothing has happened. i am constantly on an emotional roller coaster. he refuses to get help for his depression and he sometimes acts like 5 year old. i need advice on how to cope. has anyone dealt with something like this too??

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why don't you try part time work and register and as many temp agency's as you can. Do call center work....anything....even volunteer on some of your time gets you out of your own head and away from home and the issues your having there. Sometimes when we help others, it helps our self esteem in return.

Yikes, that is a tuff situation. I think it is kind of you to try to help your father, but if he doesn't want to get it, you can't sacrifice yourself in the hopes he'll get better. I think you need to focus on getting a job, and getting out of a situation that can only get worse. You don't to become his whipping boy, the person he focuses all of his negative emotions on. I hope he changes his mind and gets the help he needs. I wish you well, but remember to take care of yourself.

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