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Urgent help from eveyone in thiscommunity....Depression...suicidal thoughts....loneliness...feels like I'm close to the end of the line!!!!!


Hi everyone,

Having an extremely bad time, especially at school.lack of friendship ,feeling depressed even at school while everyone is having fun talking and laughing all the time. I feel like I'm different from them. I'm too serious about life. I don't think about having fun. My mind is only focused in studies and then to return home. I'm like a super straight guy. The guys in school treats me like treating gay people.

The fact is that I don't understand what is having means. I don't know guys,seriously!!!! My parents raised me with strict directions and regulations on my locality and school while others guys had fun and became free. I'm too secretive and introverted,always remains alone. I spend all day in my house while others explored my locality and new places(my parents didn't allow me to go with them, they thought If they let me, I will caught up in any danger or accident). I think this affected my character and personality during growth period. I'm a silent, extremely lazy, tensed, depressed,socially awkward,shy,lacks social skills and communication skills who has no friends and a happy life. I'm totally confused, losing hope day by day. These even affected extremely badly my academic results. If it again affect my upcoming final academic exams, my career will be over.

So, please guys, seriously, I need your support, help, advice and every thing you could give. I feels like I'm not going to live past 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1-800-950-NAMI (6264) I hope this helps. Not much of a response, but you should give that number a call.

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Thank you for advice and help Whyyyyy......

hi im sorry that your having a bad period 0800 1111 is the number of the Samaritans you should call that number now or the number provide above by whyyy.dont be put off please call either of them I seen previous posts you made and you got through tough times before and you will again.

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Thanks kenster1. But I'm pretty confused. I'm having exams on my ways. I don't want more complications during this time. That's why I don't try it. I need some support and help to put off some weight and stress of my heart. That's all!!!!!........

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hey you identified that your having struggles getting further support will help you more than anything.i know its hard at times but your health and wellbeing is more important just now.

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Thank you kenster1

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no worries glad to offer a little support.

Dreamer, I am very sorry you are feeling this way, I dont wish depression or anxiety on anyone. I to have had these thoughts, as I have Bipolar spectrum disorder, PTSD, anxiety, border line personality disorder, and depression. I too would feel like I just wanted to die, leave everything bc I felt hopeless, and worthless. But after analyzing it within myself I came to a realization that I didnt want to stop living, I wanted to stop feeling like that. School is hard for everyone and everybody is also dealing with their own difficulties as well. They just might might not show it the same way you react. You were put here for a purpose and that is to live your life the way you want for yourself, so that you can be happy. Your profile is dreamer, I know you have passion and a big heart. Use what you are good at which your academics and find something that makes you happy. Bring in 2019 as a new DREAMER. Please take what I say and truly think about it. I care for each and every single person that are struggling.

Thankyou Beautyrae...... I hopes for good days..... For me,you and everyone......

Happy to hear your reply.

Hi Dreamer, stay strong and don't give up. Don't worry about being different from everyone else, just because you are not so confident does not make you a lesser person. You are unique, you are studying hard and you have to try and accept you're naturally shy and perhaps learn to be more adventurous but only very slowly in your own time. You come across as a lovely sensitive person and that is very special indeed. Stay strong and believe in yourself. x

Thanks Catwoman for your support.....

Hello Dreamer, if there is free counselling at your school, try and talk to a therapist it will help you in many ways...trust me. Do not give up on life.Every problems have a solution we only have to know the right resources. Been in your shoes. Stay strong.much love 💚

Thank you Berryanna for support.....

I know how you feel. I am the same way. Had (and still have) strict parents, don't go out and have fun. When I'm at school with my friends, I usually fake my happiness with them and they believe it. I'm not saying I don't love my friends, I just don't want them to know the depressed me. When I'm at school my focus is my studies then go back home to block out the world once more. My first year of high school at a new schools was not so good. I almost killed myself in the girls bathroom near the end of the school year. I still want to honestly.

I'm going to be honest, it's hard to get through it. I know what its like to lose hope each and every day. I'm going to try to tell you how I deal with everything. The do's and don'ts. For me the Do's is to clear your mind, by just taking a walk, or reading, writing, drawing or whatever your happy place is. Go there and find all the positive things about yourself and all the good things you've done for someone or yourself. Cling to those, keep those to help you fight the battle to some. Use those to defeat the any demons you may have and don't let those go. And just keep being you and keep doing whatever make you happy.

For me, the Don'ts is things I regret. Don't hold on to the negative things about you. Don't let the demons win. Don't let that other voice be the dominate one who puts you down for everything and that eventually becomes you friend cause you start to agree with it. Don't go down the road of self harm and suicide. That's one of the hardest roads to leave. Don't fake your happiness like me. Don't bloke your emotions off.

Show them and allow people to try and help. I know it will be hard to get through everything but keep trying and don't give up. After every storm there is a rainbow.

I hope this help some and know I'm here if you ever need to talk to someone.


Thank you midnightwolf.... I will trykeep in touch with you..

You're welcome

Yes, call for help. Suicidal thoughts are not good. I know how you feel. Get help, please. Those you leave behind suffer way too much if you do that.

Thanks art for your support

Many of us have had thoughts similar to yours. If you feel like you’re in immediate jeopardy of hurting yourself, please call the above hotline number or your local emergency number, or go to the hospital. I understand you’re at exam time, but your well-being is more important than exams.

If you’re not in immediate danger, please reach out to and get scheduled to see a counselor. If there’s a long wait to see a counselor, get in to see your doctor and let them know how you’re feeling.

It’s easy to feel isolated in a school environment. I would venture to say that almost everyone has felt lonely and misunderstood while in school. I remember feeling that way in college. Once you get professional help, try to get involved in activities that interest you. You’ll meet others that have common interests and can build a relationship from there. Never underestimate how powerful a single friendship can be in turning your mood and outlook around.

In the meantime, you always have us. Please post if you need someone to talk to or need encouragement.

Thanks CTRPL... Thank you for your advice and support. I will try to keep in touch with everyone including you......

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Just read your message 😢- im sooo sorry!!

Are u doing a lil better ??

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Trying my every breath to make it better all day....hoping for a good tomorrow........Thanks for replying me......

I am so sorry you are struggling right before exams. I don't mean to make light I know the pressure is real, but remember you are valuable and have a purpose beyond your tests.

I pray that you find the value in who you are and a peace that comes with excepting yourself. I pray for peace and calm over your exams and for you to find your true passion in life. Perhaps before studying or taking exams, you could practice slow breathing techniques to help you calm and focus.

I encourage you to seek a therapist or counselor. They can help with a lot of your concerns and also possibly help you with any anxieties about exploring new interests. It is never to late to pursue you.

What are you interested in exploring?

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