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Writing about my experiences

So, as someone who is no longer caged by anxiety (read some of my first posts). I still get it from time to time. An intense sensation of dizziness or feeling faint/ floaty. BUT the biggest thing is to know that you carry that inner peace within you in the middle of public, or the middle of a big trip, that you do when you’re in your “safe” place. Recognize this, know that Gods got a plan for your life and that He has gone before you already and made a way for you. Courage is a muscle, so practice doing what you don’t want to do. Make it a habit and the peace will follow you in any situation. You’re not alone.

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Thanks rockster, very encouraging words. I'm glad you are in a better

place. Happy New Year! Wishing all the best in the coming year. :)

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Thanks you, Agora. Happy New year ahead!

Thank you! I love this.💕

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Glad you got something from it :)

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