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Ruining Christmas For All

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Today I've been experiencing the worst depression symptoms I've ever had. I've been crying since 6am, and can barely function. I was at my parents house for the morning for presents and breakfast but then I was supposed to be leaving on a trip to my boyfriends parent's house, twelve hours away. I was incapable of starting this trip and even though my boyfriend says he understands I can't help but feel awful for being the reason he's not with his family. As the day has progressed my symptoms haven't let up and I'm not sure I'll be able to start the trip tomorrow either. Since I couldn't start the trip today we spent today at my parent's house where I couldn't even interact with anyone and spent most of the time crying in the bathroom...I've ruined Christmas for my boyfriend, his family and mine. I feel awful and that I only bring misery to those around me...

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Sorry u feeling like u ruined Christmas for both families. Don’t beat yourself up over please sometimes mental

illness get the best of us.and is not your fault that it happen. Do they know you’re struggling? Maybe just

talk to your boyfriend and let him know how u really feeling,and if he support u he should understand where u coming from. Am here if u need to talk sending u a

hug 🤗 Please don’t feel like you’re alone because you’re not am having a hard time too

Being honest with your loved ones and not hiding your feelings for your sake doesn't mean you ruined Christmas. Baby steps and preparing for tomorrow is all you can do and if you're not up to it, then you just aren't. Hugs Nala_Simba, best of positivity for you.

Big hugs to you. I'm sorry you're feeling bad. But it's definitely not your fault. If you came down with an sickness like an infection or food poisoning you wouldn't beat yourself up. So you shouldn't do it for your depression either.

Thank you all for your kind responses!

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