Feeling miserable and stress

My house was one of my trigger I came home Friday I was doing well I was proud of ma self start to feel comfortable around ma family start to watch tv interact with family was feeling excited and proud of myself. Untill yesterday every one when to work and school and then i became extremely anxious but i didnt have a panic attack but i could feel the sensation all i do it watch the time they are getting home. Today i am home alone feeling anxious and crying everytime i feel like i am making progress i slip up and it hurts.

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  • Ok, been a "bummer" of a day for you. Why did you stay home by yourself if you know it can be a "trigger"? Have felt the way you do, but I make certain I have somewhere to go on my walks in the morning and elsewhere if only to the library to fill my day until about 2 p.m. or so.

    I always remember that no doors are locked in the stores where I window shop, and that I can leave any time I want.

    I always decide in the evening where and what I am going to do the next day ....and sometimes even lay the clothes out that I'll wear. Panic attacks are not pleasant, but if I am having a bad day, I limit what I am doing to 15 minute periods, and then move on to something else.

    In the afternoon, after I have been out, I open my computer to see if I have anything to offer to someone who has posted on this venue.....you may also have something to offer to someone who posts....and focusing on someone else can really make you forget about what challenges you, and puts things in perspective. :)

  • I am college student and I am on holiday so I came home. I couldn't stand being in the house if I came home for the weekend I am in a rush to go back to school. So that's y I am home alone now. I want to conquer staying home. But I am messing it up I always plan things then back out.

  • Well, maybe you planned to much this time.....be easy on yourself. Maybe just staying a few hours in the house alone the first time, and second time, etc. Build up slowly. I am not a college student, but would go absolutely nuts if I stayed in my home all day by myself. Really. I have PTSD (which includes anxiety and depression and a few other wonderful things like panic and nightmares). So I think I understand. Make your challenges to yourself small,manageable and slowly just as you would to your friends. OK?

  • I have ptsd, my nightmares have gone amen i wud wake up scared like hell. Panic or limited to one a month i am coming a long way so i am disappoint i though it was Gad at first cause i do alot of psychology courses. But pyschatrist diagnose me with PTSD. I know how to help ma self but i cnt i am better helping people

  • So to be doing good and being home alone and getting anxious hurts me and let mi cry.

  • You can help yourself, you know. Even though you think you can't and you're better at helping other people.

    Just one day at a time. One step at a time. Please remember that, ok?

  • You seem to be in a much better place then she is or myself. You have offered many good things we could do. Trust me we think about doing all of them and that in itself is a trigger. Over stimulating is harmful and causes the panic or shut down. We test ourselves at times and sometimes it doesn't work but we keep going. I have learned how to eat an elephant 🐘 One bite at a time.

  • I understand. Have been there, done that.....

  • *are (or)

  • I will try and remember that. I was elated when I found this group I was able to vent to people who understand what i am going through whenever I come on express how I feel I feel better. Thanks for your advice and words of encouragement at times that's all we need

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