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Depression and anxiety ruining my day.

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Hello, this is Sprinkle, I do not know what happened but I feel so awful today, the depression hit me this morning and the anxiety got me this afternoon. I have been battling this bout of illness since March. Does anyone else go thru these awful spells? I could use a little info. and support. Thank you my friends. Sprinkle 1

10 Replies
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Hi Sprinkle, I am so sorry that you are having a bad day. You helped me with pm's when I was in a really bad place. You really helped me and many others on this site. Even though I am doing better I still have bad days. I have people that I am following (like you) and I read their messages of encouragement to other people and it usually helps me. Sometimes I just acknowledge I'm having a bad day but know tomorrow will be better.

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Hey Sprinkle1 . I do fight with them for some years and it’s quite harsh. I do manage sometimes with depression more easier than with anxiety, but when both hit my door it’s very difficult . I try to work with myself everyday and I know in the end it’s my battle no matter what. As a info it’s sucks . If you don’t try to work it out it gets harder. Sometimes we need specialists to help us but also to want to be happy and typical. It’s hard to accept and love ourselves. We are here for you no matter what and never think you’re alone. Never give up beautiful. Love and light

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I go through this, as well. When ever it gets too much, or if I am looking for suggestions even, I just post on here or text/call someone I can talk to. It really helps to get what ever off my chest , but it really helps to receive such wonderful and honest responses. For someone to care so much for me as a person. I also try to look at youtube videos that will make me laugh, or just watch my favorite youtuber's in general who have uplifting content. It helps change the mood. Sometimes it is good to sit in the depression/anxiousness and think about whats making me feel this can i change this or make this a lesser occurrence. At the same time, it's also good to see uplifting content. When we watch something(s) that are sad, i feel it puts us in a downer mood for the rest of the day, rather than experiencing happier, funny things that can help uplift us a little more for the day.

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Hi Sorry your having a bad day..,.it got so Bad for me that I had to retire early from job, if I didn't I was going to be Fired. I was missing a lot of work. Wanted to leave on my terms. Aniexty-Depression is a devastating thing to have. I've seen a Councelor, pick carefully I've found them to be a waste of time. I had to see one in order to get medication. That's a process also getting the right one? Try this route might be good for you? It's a tough fight to fight. It can cost you everything if you don't fight back?

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Hi Sprinkle from my experience i learned that because when depression once come and anxiety we feel that "omg illness comes to me what i am gonna do" and our brain to protect us given a notice trough feeling of fear right because we think that we are in the danger. I think when we feel depression it is just a emotion not an illness just like other emotions (happiness). When we are getting so happy we never say that omg why i am so happy am i in danger? no we are okay with both situation. My advice for you when you feel you are in depression don't let the depression controls you. Don't scare from it. Just don't give an attention to your depression do what you have to do, if you need to shopping for your kitchen go shopping don't say that i have depression today i can not go out.

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Hi Sprinkle ... I've had this happen, too. What helped me the most was getting on the right medication. Sometimes it takes a few tries to find one that's a good fit for you, which is frustrating, but when it works, it works. That would be my first suggestion.

Anxiety often goes right along with the depression, so for me the right medication can help that as well. Taking deep breaths, tensing my muscles and relaxing them, and most of all, trying to keep my life as peaceful as possible help. Stress increases all the symptoms, so I don't do drama.

It's been important for me to remember that depression affects my thoughts and tells me that I'm worthless, nothing will ever get better, no one cares about me, etc. You have to fight very hard against this and remember this is just a symptom of the depression, not the truth.

I hope you'll find your way to what works for you and that your depression will lift soon.

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Sprinkle, you encouraged me a few days ago and it really helped. I've had depression since last March also. I had to wean off of effexor before trying another drug. Now I take bupropion xl. My Dr just increased my dose from 150 to 300. So I was thinking this is gonna be a bad day. But I kept real busy inside the house and out. I was a bit woozy but it goes with the territory. Try to do anything to get your mind off of it. Keep busy! Exercise or meditate. It will get better! I care about you and am praying you have better days ahead. Love ya!

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Hello all you beautiful lady's, I read all your emails and suggestions, thank you for caring. one of my problems is as my psych. nurse practitioner told me "My brain is soup", and we have to get that sorted out. I do like myself, I am a positive person - must be so many of you reply to me. I do love myself. And as you suggested maybe I am on the wrong med's. I did the genesense test and it indicated Pristiq was right for me?!!! Been on it 3 months now!!! I get the ugly side of depression, do not want to do anything, or get up. The anxiety brings fear, I talk to myself and try to console and encourage myself. If it gets real bad I take a Lorazapam, I am on 2 anxiety meds. I think part of my problem is age. I have been having depression since being a child, but never been struck with the anxiety. I moved here from Calif. I had a wonderful psychiatrist, he also figured out I am Bi-polar 2, so has me on Lithium as a mood stabilizer. I have learnt it is the amigdala that is out of whack, it took him over 1 year to get me sorted out from a bad depression. I now live in S.C. and the Mental Health here is Not good. So I think my brain is not responding the way we want it to and as quick as I want it to. As I live by myself and have not made any good friends here, I think about all of you out there suffering, I am so sorry we were given faulty brains. I pray to the powers that be to make you and I well. Thank You, Thank You....for helps me. I love you all and would hug you if I could see you. Sprinkle 1

p.s. I am going to take an anxiety pill now !!!! :o) smile it looks good on you.

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Hello Again, I saw my Dr. today, she said my depression if deep and stubborn and has written a prescription for a 2nd antidepressant, cannot remember the name, when I went to pick it up the y had to order it, it will be in tomorrow and they well deliver it to my home, so thank you ladies, I'll keep you posted. Take good care of yourselves. Love & Hugs. Sprinkle 1 xxx ooo

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Jenana in reply to Sprinkle1

Glad to see that you love yourself. Knowing that you have a problem is the first step in getting through & conquering. I have anxiety myself, up and down feeling of inadequacy, sadness, mental blocks, loneliness and so on. As a matter of fact, I’m having anxiety now bc I feel like I have trouble explaining myself. Although I want an immediate fix, I know that it takes time. I’ve been seeing a therapist, but feel like we go in circles and that I’m just wasting my money. One thing I have been doing is meditating. If you have an iPhone, there is an app called ‘Calm.’ It does cost $60 for unlimited meditation sessions, but it is said that by practicing for at least 15 minutes a day can have great effects on the mind. We can get through this!

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