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Homesick and anxious

I’ve lived far away from all of my family for 5 years now but since my anxiety has gotten so bad the past few months I’ve really missed my family more than usual. So this holiday season is just making me miss them more. I feel like I’m missing out on everything and for some reason that’s making me anxious...

I’m missing my grandma especially because she always made the Christmas so special for me growing up.

Sorry for the pitty party so wanted to vent a little bit 😕

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The holidays are hard for a lot of people for multiple reasons...add living far away from loved ones and it for sure makes one not so jolly. I'm by myself this year too. I try to keep the mood light with watching holiday movies, planning a nice meal but it isn't the same. My dad was the best thing since peanut butter when it came to making the holidays wonderful and since he has been gone it takes the sparkle out of the magic if the season for me. I am going to plan on taking a trip to see my family next year, maybe lighten my depression a bit. Could you plan on a visit sooner to possibly relieve some of your anxiety and give you a good ole family pick me up? I dont know your circumstances but is that possible?

Merry Christmas btw. :)

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That’s a nice idea!

Unfortunately I live clear on the other side of the country 😕

I hope venting helped some. This is hard. Please acknowledge any improvement. This may help.

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