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Anxious and irritable

I’m stuck in a car at the moment with someone who is sucking my energy out of me. I need my medicine. Can’t wait till I can take it and get away from them so I can breathe again and be by myself and recharge I suppose. I don’t want to take it out them but sometimes silence is the best solution just wish they would shout up already. It’s making more anxious more irritable by the second. Please help! Just Little over hour I can do this!

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Take a deep breath! Think about something you are going to do after this, like what you'll do when you get home. Think about what you will do once you're by yourself, what you'll do to recharge. Maybe make a plan so your mind has something different to focus on. Open a window or get some air conditioning on your face, that helps me snap out of anxiety in the car.

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Thank you

Aaaah, can you turn music up to drown them out

Oh wow! That’s the worst! I know how you feel! Makes it tough to concentrate on anything...I’m wishing you peace of mind! I hope you made it home! 🌷🙂🌷

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Thanks! I did fine!! Yes feelin much calmer

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So glad!

I can relate. When I kill my family with kindness and silence they think that is a great opportunity to take advantage of me. I’m running out of options here just want to start taking tripsAnd vacations alone to where no one knows where I disappeared to. And Who knows maybe I’ll be missed but probably not

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Sometimes when I have the cash I tell my fam I need time alone and I go and get a hotel for a night it’s very relaxing and calm. Do my my own thing

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I have never attempted to even take a vacation without someone knowing but A healthy change is about to occur in my life to gain some respect and realization not just from my family but from my so-called friends and so called boyfriend as well

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That’ll do you do you more good than you can even imagine and you’ll gain perspective in your life that you have been needing

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Thanks for listening...Since I seem to be absent In my current circle of family and friends I’m looking for a new perspective on life

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