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Needing some support

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Hi everyone... know it's been awhile... these past months have been rough & the holidays are proving to be rough... for those who don't know we lost my father in law this Oct & my mom moved out of state, which has brought up my childhood trauma. I'm on my way to the doctor... having a ringing in my ear since Thurs... want to have it checked out. Also, tension headache (?) for what it feels like forever... I'm scared... hate doctors & had some not so nice ones. My regular one is out this week, so is my therapist... my husband had to be at work today so he couldn't come with me. He believes it's a cold & my anxiety... but it's so hard to believe it...😒

23 Replies

Good morning melbrown! Merry Christmas Eve! I also have not met a doctor or therapist that I feel truly cares about me or what I am going through. I hope everything is alright with you. Put it all in God’s hands and let him take the weight off your shoulders!

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Merry early Christmas toodt2πŸŽ… Thank you. I'm lucky to have an understanding doctor & a caring therapist. Today the doctor was nice & reassuring. So I'm glad... I hope you are doing well & you have good support.

Hi ya Mel.....I'm here honey.... funny thing....I got a horrible jaw joint and ear thingy going on too..... it's annoying as heck, so I can actually relate......I am so sorry my friend your going through this, but your not alone....please keep to me on pm....I'm here on and off all day....we may have some time gaps....but it's okay, I will always get back to you. For sure when you need me....I'll do my best know that....we'll get through it like we always do...okay?....

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❀ Hi Fauxartist. I am sorry your suffering too. The doctors were nice & understanding... he saw no infection, good can celebrate on New Years... Sent a referral to Ear doctor who was able to get me in this morning. Looks like have some hearing loss... if I remember correctly might had since childhood, that the ringing probably been around unnoticed. Says stress can make it flare up... yucks. So can grinding my teeth at night. Going to try more relaxation excerises & wearing my mouth guard... hopefully it'll ease up. Thank you for being there sweetheart. We'll get through this. Loves you. 🌲

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yeah..... the grinding teeth thing is what I think for me the fact my teeth are moving around I had an extraction and it has changed my bite...hmmm. good to know and hope yours gets worked out kiddo....have a happy holiday if I don't talk to you till after.....

Hey Mel the anxiety might be being the migraine plus you're dealing with so many things at once, are you at the doctor already keep us updated sweetie

Our little Christmas sunflower baby. How are you doll? Thank you. Ya, looks like another stress caused thing. Can't wait to go home snuggle with my hun & Hans... Hope you are having a Merry Christmas. Love & hugs🌻❀

πŸ™‚πŸŽ„hi Mel

Hey Alan, how are things across the pond? Merry Christmas πŸŽ…πŸŒ²πŸ•Š remember the pups like presents too.🐢

I’ve got some special oven baked piggies ears wrapped up πŸ––πŸ˜ hope you are well and good have a peaceful Christmas πŸŽ„πŸŒŸx

Lucky pups. We found a Star Wars Han Solo stocking for our pup Han Solo. πŸΆβ€πŸŽ…


Good morning Mel! Merry Christmas Eve!!!! I sure do love you. I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with this right now. I’m here for you. Xoxoxoxo

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❀ Kayla... how are you? Hope you are enjoying the holiday.Loves you too little sis. Big hugs & hope Santa is good to you. πŸŽ…β€

I went to seen my ENT Thursday because of my ear and the back of my head throbbing and pulsating and he said I have arthritis in my cheek which he meant to say TMJ and he gave me pain medication and I continue to feel worse so I went to urgent care yesterday complaining about the same thing and she said my left ear is a little red inside and I have a sinus infection and she give me pain medication and antibiotics and I don’t understand how the ENT miss that and I have little hearing loss I hope u find out what’s wrong and feel better soon

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Hi Tamka2... I'm so sorry you went through that... had similar thing this summer, not fun. Hope you get better soon. Merry Christmas.

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What happen if u don’t mind sharing?

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Not at all πŸ™‚ He didn't see any signs of infection, which was good. Put a request to see the ear doctor, who had appt right away. She said it looked fine, no infection or ear drum damage. After some hearing test it turns out I have some hearing loss... don't know how long, first time having it done since high school. But she suspects I've had the ringing for a while & hadn't noticed. Stress makes it worse, so probably why I'm noticing it. It's basically harmless... annoying though. Have to try to reduce my stress ... see if it helps & go from there. Hope you are feeling better.❀

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Ok thanks for sharing I left my ENT Thursday and he said I have arthritis in

The cheek and a little hearing loss

You never know what you are going to get with doctors. They are people too, so you get both good ones and bad ones, and they all have personal prejudices. I found a real good one about a year and a half ago, after a bad one, and now the one I love is retiring in a couple of months, so I will have to find a new one again. My specialists always seem cold and impersonal, treating me like a paycheck rather than a person with fears and anxiety. What can you do in the end? I guess just try to hope you get lucky and find a good one, and hope for the best. I do know living with health anxieties is hell. I hope you feel better.

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Thank you notlrac. I'm lucky to found a nice, understanding primary doctor... we are able to pick ours from a list through the hospital. She's on holiday this week, so it was who they had available... luckily he was nice. Last time I had an urgent appt. I got a doctor who dismissed it as anxiety & was cold towards me.It has made me super anxious about going in. Wish those doctors would realize it's hard for us to know it's anxiety causing the pain & a little kindness & understanding goes a long way. Happy holidays.

Hey Mel x I hear you x sometimes when I’m full of anxiety my headaches are absolutely awful!

So I’m sorry to hear that and I hope your doctors trip wasn’t too bad x

Sorry to hear about your father in law x πŸ’•

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Thank you Hope. Ya, 2018 has been a rough one... we're hoping for a peaceful, more 2019.❀

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