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I just need some support

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It's hard. I was out with an unimate and she wanted to see pictures of my family. I was triggered as hell and she kept on talking how miserable my life is. I told her i'm not okay, she didn't even notice. I told her i'm triggered, she didn't even notice. I told her i need support, she didn't even notice. We went to the supermarket and i bought some food because i need to eat something and for comfort and because i am afraid to cook with my roommates being at home. I saw the price and i almost bursted out crying. It got 3 times more expensive. And i was trying to hold myself together and she said "omg, how expensive, you said you don't have money and you buy this. How could they make it this price". Well, it was Putin, Maggie. It's not my fault we're in east europe and we're affected by the war and everything is expensive and everyone is dumb. On every bus stop and in the bus i hear old ladies complaining about the prices. The cashiers look like they're about to sucks my soul because they're frustrated from the world we live in. Also i'm staying in my room because i'm having a really hard time right now and i heard my roommates going out together and bonding. I tried to stay with them but they won't give me support neither. They just say i'm making it a big deal. I'm confused one says my situation is a misery, others say i'm making it a big deal. Like what? I'm just feeling so miserable. It's inside of me and i can't proceed it, i can't cry, i can't do anything. I just stay there like what the hell and a hole in my chest, trying to proceed as If i'm an old laptop. I just need some support.

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That's crappy of your friend to rub stiff I. If you need someone to talk to or work thi g out or bounce ideas off of please reach out I'm here as well as many others

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Thank you

I understand you are in Bulgaria and for many here the problem with Ukraine, Special Operation, although in the West it is know it as something else, you know what I mean. I also can imagine the cost of food in your part of the World, prices have increased due to the situations in Ukraine and possible immigrations from both States

Over the years I have travelled extensive over the old Soviet States, Bulgaria and Romania before Glasnost, Ukraine I visited many years ago and I visited Kiev, the old name of the City so what is going on is very surprising and terribly sad. I have been purchasing books with pictures of all their churches and Monestries

If you need to PM me so you may feel more safe give me a call.

However if you wish to discuss your feelings and problems here fair enough

What is more comfortable for you ???


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Thank you, i really needed someone to understand

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I'm sorry but you aren't going to get support from casual friends or acquaintances. Firstly because they don't care enough and second because they don't know how to. It's useless expecting them to want to or be able to help you. When you told your unimate you were miserable, what did you want her to say? When you told her you wanted some support, again what did you expect her to do? Likewise when you told her you were triggered what did you expect or want her response to be?

The only ones might be able to support you are loved ones, or medical professionals. You say you don't have access to any though.

Other people might seem as though they are coping fine but most people have enough cares and worries of their own without taking yours on too.

Sorry if this is a bit harsh but it is realistic. That's not how it works. Maybe you could find a zoom online group you could join? You clearly need some support but you are looking for it in the wrong places. Go to your doctor and tell them how you are feeling. I can guarantee you are not the only person - far from it, in your country feeling like you do.

Have a look online for self help such as YouTube and general searches. Mindfulness could help you maybe so have a look at that too.

All you will succeed in keep trying like this is to drive everyone away from you. Life is hard enough without for most people to not want to add your problems to theirs. Or indeed not be able to.

There is a lot of truth in the old saying 'Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone'.

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I actually with lots of efforts found some proffesional help i could afford but my therapist is only making me worse and my psychiatrist said I can't change my meds right now

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Hello B.

This Person is at this time going through a bad time because of the so called Soviet Interventions, where immigration is been pushed on a population.

It must be stressful because of possible reverse changes in a way of life as food will have increased to a greater extent. Also the population will be concerned regard what MAY happen in the future, that is why I suggested PM

Hope you are well


I'm sorry to hear that. Sometimes people can't give us what we're looking for. For whatever reason. It's important to keep reaching out until you get the support you need. I agree with hypercat that maybe professional help may help, since you cant get your needs met with the people around you. Sometimes all we need is someone to just listen and validate us.. Sending 🙏🙏🙏& 💖💖💖

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Thanks, to you too

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It's tough right now, with all that's going on. The majority of us feel totally helpless to do anything meaningful, and some of us Literally cannot do anything due to PTSD, Other disabilities, whether visible or otherwise.

I feel like I should be volunteering again, But I'm 74, not good for anything but making tea! A few years ago I would have been out with the Red Cross, (I was a nurse before I retired.)

Try not to let it get to you. Many folk don't understand, or can't understand, having no experience of any of this. And everybody has their own demons to battle.

Lots of love,

Cheers, Midori

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I'm disabled by severe anxiety, ptsd, issues and everyone myself (i mean i can't do anything not the country count me as it because here mental health is either nothing or "crazy" so i can't be wriiten as disabled)

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