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Feeling alone and Empty

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Today I went out with my aunt to Flordia and on the way back we were talking and in the midst of our talk, she kinda opened my eyes a little to myself. For the first time in my 28 years of living someone actually asked me what do I want to do and how am I doing. I told her that I don't know how to answer either one of those questions. Then I told her that all I feel like is empty. I feel as if I can't breathe on my own I told her that all I really want to do is exhale for once and not feel as if anyone going to control which one my breathe goes. In my family I have been pulled so many ways I just don't know which way to go for myself and now I here in this place where I feel alone again with nowhere to go or turn I can't talk to my family because they won't hear me they will judge me I just don't know what to do anymore.........

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Try reaching out to friends SOMEONE will listen. If you’re not comfortable with that you will always have us here. I just joined a few days ago and already the community has helped me a ton. If you want to message me your problems I am here to listen (:

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Thank you Buffycats I just may take you up on that I really don't have any friends that understand my depression and anxiety

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Anytime feel free to message

I wish I was able to talk to someone so openly about that. Keep your Aunty in your life, even if she’s the only person you talk to, you might start to feel less alone :)

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Thank you so much Lulu02 and you know we are all here for you if you ever need to talk I'm here

I understand how your feeling. I’ve been blessed to have a wonderful family but it’s difficult to talk about these things with them for fear of judgement. Just know you aren’t alone in your feelings.

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