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Ive been dealing with intrusive anxiety for about a year and it’s getting worse. Sometimes just stating how I’m feeling to someone willing to listen helps a little bit. It’s late and I don’t want to call and wake someone up, so here I am.

I know it sounds crazy but I’m so worried something is going to happen to my son or daughter leading up to Christmas. I’m counting down the days until my sons on Winter Break bc that is the biggest worry for me (a school shooting) but then I just obsess over car accidents and things while we’re traveling. I know it’s unrealistic but I cannot stop.

Thanks to anyone who reads and/or responds. Sometimes I just need to say it out loud and know someone heard me.

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Hey I understand your fear, I worry about a lot of things too. And most the things I work myself up over usually don’t happen and I end up being depressed and anxious

Try listening to some meditation or do some deep breathing exercise try to relax and when that negative thoughts pop up

Say no not right now and try to think of something positive and if u believe in a higher power greater than ourselves get to praying or read the Bible am here if u need me sending u a hug 🤗

I hear you. I think you can feel a lot better. I hope you are getting help. It does help to put your thoughts on paper. Write as much as you need to.!!!!

I'm sorry that you are dealing with anxiety. Anxiety has been a part of my life for the past 15 years. I understand when scary thoughts just take over everything. Something that has really helped me is to journal my thoughts. Once I write them on paper, I am better able to decide if this is a rational or irrational fear. Maybe this will work for you. Also prayer is a big one. When I was in the midst of major anxiety, I would pray out loud. It helped to hear my prayer over my thoughts. God can help you get through this. I'm praying for you!

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