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I Can't Let Go (a poem for Distressed Mermaid)


How can I walk away from someone so classy and sweet as you? What can I say to my heart that wll get me through?....You were a ray of sunshine on the cloudiest of days, a voice that helped to talk all my fears away....I couldn't picture a day without you in it, Not an hour, a second or even 1 minute....These words from my heart are to let you know, that as your life long friend, I can't let go....I will face the storms, the rain and the pain for you, and I will rejoice in sharing the sunshine too....For you were everything to me that was good about living, you helped me to go on giving....And for that I always loved you so, Kayla, I want you to know that like all of your real friends, I can't let go.......{My beautiful friend I will miss you severely. Please keep in touch with all of your true friends. We only wish the best for you and your child. Everyone on this site wishes only the best for you and your child. That's forever, my classy friend. With all the comfort giving hugs, I can send you, J.......}

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Beautiful, very very heartfelt and beautiful...I hope she reads this and contacts you, John. She should know she has real friends like you and that she's loved so much. And I am sorry for your pain, for you missing her so much and not knowing how she's doing. It's got to be rough. I'm so very sorry about that.

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SS, she did contact me. I was happy about that and am niw satisfied. Thanks for your lovely words, my extra good friend!

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