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Pain I can’t let go of

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My ex boyfriend broke up with me a while ago he said he couldn’t handle how messed up I am he said it made him more depressed my problems were rubbing off on him and then he cut me out of his life the worst part is we were best friends before and he was the one I always went to when I needed help and now all I have is you I guess

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Hey....that's sad I understand. Breakups can be tough but hey, if he can't handle being there for you, he's not the one for you. But also, I hope you understand where he's coming from and don't blame him. Not everyone can handle the amount of stress a partner feels if they're not mentally well. You're not alone.

Take some time for yourself, vent out here, get some fresh air. You'll be okay. Not right away. It'll be slow. But you WILL be. Trust me.

Thanks and I get where he is coming from but I wish that he wouldn’t have cut me off and at least given me a chance to say goodbye

Hey, that's on him. He isn't being very nice, now is he ? Don't feel bad for something unfair he did. I know it's gonna be lonely for a bit but if he can't even say goodbye properly, you're better off not talking to him.

You can vent out here :) I'm sorry I'm new so I don't really know what's going on with you. You can tell me if you like.

I’m new to

Okay...great. Step 1 : talk about your stress. What you battle with. It'll feel better to have someone listen and give some reassurance.

If you don't want to talk publicly, you can always send me a message. I'm usually very good at listening and helping out ! 😊

I'm here, I'll talk to you. I am artist too though most days I feel like I'm just managing through the day without creating anything meaningful.

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I feel that some days I just try to put paint on a canvas to see if it makes me feel better

Also I can tell you that there are people out there that will love you through your pain, that you are worth working through this struggle with. You are worth better than someone who is willing to walk out when things get hard.

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Right now there is only my art and my writing

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Your right! My husband is still here but he still walked out on me. Emotionally. We don't talk anymore he doesn't understand depression or anxiety. He's in denial won't even try to understand it. So I'm totally alone. So you have us.

Well you found this community too, I just joined today so it's new for me too. Maybe we can help each other through this struggle.

Guess you are sensitive and caring. it's hard to switch off an emotion. Your boy friend cannot handle any extra stress. He has to keep away to survive as he probably feels he could have a break down. Your art work is your way of helping you through this difficult time. My son and daughter are artists. My son has a part time job and a busy life with a young family, so he is too busy to do his art at the moment. He feels sensitive about his work, but it is an inspiration when there are no other distractions. Hope you can enjoy your work as it gives people so much pleasure. No good crying over spilt milk.

I think your choice of username says it all, really: if you can make art of your pain, then you will have transformed it into something beautiful, which is a true catharsis. I wish you well.

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My art is creepy and some think I have a demon living in me

Sorry to hear..please do start by focusing more on you than anyone else..self love do whatever it takes to make YOU can be a make over, shopping even u it means just window shopping..try and discover things that make you really happy deep down.invest your time in that and hopefully you will heal. Self love first then the rest shall follow.

Sorry how your feeling, but I'm Not surprised, I read that on here All the time. It's happened to me, my own kids would leave if they could afford to? They have chosen to isolate me and if we are in the same family gathering or event, I'm told to behave. Family don't call. I Always tell new people who come on here DON'T talk about how you FEEL, they DON'T want to hear IT. That's Why your boyfriend left you, Trust Me on this. People just want you to get over it, anxiety and depression are EXTREMELY Difficult to get over. Get counseling and if nesscessary get medication?

Hi, I have some pretty messed up memories inside my head and they happened nearly twenty years ago. My pain made me a better: soldier, listener and supporter of injustices. The pain was used as my “rocket fuel,” so to speak because holding onto it was making me a miserable and mean human being. Now, I have some time to mature and realize that I was giving so much power to the people who hurt me. No, being mistreated is not fun nor is it an excuse to be evil to other human beings. We know pain hurts and it is not that easy to let go of, simply because we used it to make us better.

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