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Dreading Making a Choice - ...Meds

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In January I have to choose either pain medication (which is presently Norco), But it isn’t working as good as Percocet. Percocet I could somewhat function. or choose my panic attack /anxiety medication...Klonopin (which has been amazing..since every corner of my world is stressful)..... I presently take Prozac & gabapentin as well. I go back & forth on deciding.. i mean u know... my pain causes anxiety & panic and then my chronic depression causes panic & anxiety... so what do u do ????? I’m just sick about it !!! This new Federal law !! Especially since I am one of those that each month has extras of both medications because I only take it when I need it but now I have to suffer due to the ones that have abused I am just baffled, sad, angry & confused ..on which to choose!!! In my case.....they are two different invisible illnesses that I have battled for over 25 years !!

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