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It's our choice it make

Everyday wake up I pour me some orange juice and sit at the kitchen and think. Wondering if I am worth it. My burden, my problem, my pain. I made the chose to keep it to myself. I don't open up because It will be used against me. I have been alone and I will always be alone. I don't belong anywhere.

A couple of days ago I went back to the therapy and I told her that am not coming back and she was right about me. I wasn't mad nor sad.

I really don't matter. At the end of the day, it was mine chose to make. I stop believeing a long time ago, Don't care about hope and faith, nothing special about me, Positive and negative, and much more.

Don't be like me and not seek help. You guys have people who care about you, love you, support you, want you to get better and much more.

I rather feel pain than nothing at all. I give up.

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zeld....I know what your talking about....and if no one cared about you, I would not be talking to you....I care....your worth it to me to keep trying to reach out to you and to keep talking to, I think your worth getting to know....I know I can't say the right thing to change the way you feel, I'm just like you, just another person struggling here with you....but what if your wrong. What if you are worth it and then some, your worth it to's a matter of you allowing yourself to believe it, please my friend...don't give up, believe me, I care....I need to know your okay because your on this journey with me....both of us trying to find some meaning in life.

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Yes I'm okey

Hello Zeld,

Giving up is your choice. I believe in faith and hope. I see them in action everyday. I really hope that you change your mind. I live for myself and those that depend on me. Life can get better, you just have to work for it! Wishing you the best!

I care too..we are all in this together...

😢 this really touched my heart x but I know you know you’re very cared for on here x My words probably won’t help the way yours really helped me today.. but just know I’m always here for you x you are important 💕 don’t give up.. hold on ❣

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It my choice. I'm fine

you know what someone said to me once....they said let us love you till you can love yourself.....the words you said on Hopes post were so loving.....I don't want to loose that person who has so much love in their hearts to share here....will you stay please and give that part of you to us, we need you....I need you. And let us be there for you.

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Yes I agree x those words made a difference to my whole day x

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okay....good to hear....

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Give up it my choice.

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I know it is....I'm just sayin I'm here.....

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I know

Don't give up!!! Never give up.

You MATTER! You matter to me and I don't even know you! If I could be with you and just sit, not even talk, just be in each other's company knowing that someone cares about us would be great. Pretend I'm there and reach out your hand.....I care.

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