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Kind Words

I want to take a moment to express my say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for the kind words and encouragement...the compassion I was shown yesterday.

Agora1 (who checked on me throughout the day making sure I was ok), Iloveart7, Quest4peace, Robinrenae, DistressedMermaid, Catwoman2018, aaronm, Stilltrying...

I can only hope that you know the depth of my gratitude for your concern about me, a stranger. Your kindness made me smile even as I was crying.

Thank you to loveandlightseeker who PMed me to offer faith and remind me that I mattered.

And to callmedanielle who reached to me to talk about what was wrong, to talk about nothing at all, to make me smile and even laugh. And to make sure I didn't skip dinner.

I don't know how I survived before coming here.

All of you are incredible, amazing people who may at times feel worthless.

But you will be wrong. You are priceless to me and to others.

You matter...SO MUCH!

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I'm sorry I missed your post yesterday Dominic, because I value you and you matter very much to me and obviously to all your friends who threw you a rope to hold onto and pull yourself back up. You have a very rare gift of compassion and understanding that is priceless and I cannot tell you how much I value that in you.....many people in the world don't have a clue how to care for do

in reply to fauxartist

I am one of many here.

Yesterday was my day.

It is hard to ask for help sometimes, I admit.

I will never regret having done so.

I can honestly say...I love all of you.

You are amazing.

You matter.

So glad we could help you out, as you have done for me and others !

And thank you for making me feel valued...on a dreary Monday and feeling tired and a tad depressed.

in reply to DaisyDexterMom

You are valued...beyond measure.

The gifts given here can't be bought for any price.

You matter. Never forget.

Your inspirational quote really hit home for me. I hope you don't mind that I shared this on my FB page.

in reply to DaisyDexterMom

Not at all.

FB needs to learn a few lessons from HU

about kindness, compassion, and love.

Share the love.

Anytime Dominic, anytime!

in reply to aaronm

And for you as well my Friend.

You matter. Never forget.

Aren't they all just beautiful people!!! Caring , loving and so encouraging. People like this give us hope when we're in our darkest moments, makes you believe there are still good people in this world So glad you have had support, keep fighting the good fight , you're worth it !! Sorry I couldn't reply to you been in therapy all day . You sound like a beautiful soul too . God bless you Dominic ❤️

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Thank you...they are amazing.

God bless you, Mumma!

Bless you and your gratitude, Dominic. I really needed that today. Glad we can all be here for one another.

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Bless you loveandlightseeker.

Anyone who knows the depth of the pain, sadness, and loneliness understands also the power of a simple kind word or gesture...when they need it most.

You did more than that.

Having been there before...on my knees and reaching for nothing, I will never take the kindness shown for granted.

You and others here...please know how much of a difference you make.

I know loveandlightseeker, that...

You matter. Never forget.

I know!

And I love you too. 🤗

in reply to Robinrenae

Another one of my heros...

Thank you so much.

You matter. Never forget.

You matter 🌻

in reply to Callmedanielle

And so do you.

Especially to me.

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