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watch her walk


so many have told me I wouldnt make it, I wouldnt succeed, I'd end up like my parents, that I was to damaged to ever be able to live a good life..

those people are the same people I strive to show wrong everyday. the struggles and hurt I was put through or have gone through have made me a stronger woman and I happily hold my head held high. I know what I'm capable of. I might struggle with anxiety and depression but I know that my happiness is #1 in my life and to live a happy life is to not let it consume me or stop me from being great.

greatness awaits us at the door with a red carpet! you can either let your struggles make you or break you. it takes time to heal and to grow from your experiences. life is all about that.

I won't depend on anyone, I know I can make it on my own.. if I decide to have someone ride this life with me, so be it. let's make this life great together but I'm a woman that knows what she wants and needs. i know that mama earth is taking care of me. I got her, shes got me haha

I know no matter what it'll be okay.

just stay humble and remember where you came from.

but for now, conquer the world queen!! watch her walk, watch her go!! confidence is key! you got this. all my fellow friends, I'm rooting for you. I'm in the front row cheering and clapping for you! virtual hugs for you.

enjoy your life!! smile, laugh, make today something worth living. I love you!

*you go queen*

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Yes! Very nice positivity. Sounds like you are in a good place. 😃

thank you. I am right now, but that could change. I try to stay as positive as I can! much love to you strarrlight. I love your username.

Yes same here. I’m in a good place but that could change. Love 💕 to you too. Have a beautiful day filled with peace and joy😊

thank you, I'm trying (:



Bravo Aly! Big congrats to you :))

thank you!



I love and respect your attitude! Positivity can be so invigorating! Thanks for sharing the fruits of your hard work on yourself and your ability to overcome. You’re an inspiration and the promise of hope! Have a great day queen!!

lil_avocado in reply to Hidden

thank you. that's such a sweet comment and I look forward to more! you have a great day as well !!! thank you again.

Fabulous post my sister queen!!

Live in the now! The now is REAL and the TRUTH is we are in control. Stay out of the past, stay out of the future, choose love over fear, be free, be kind, bring your highest self forward and give give give your love and your soul. No need to be stingy. Be generous with the love that pours out of you. I appreciate you generosity and your spirit and I run beside you in this marathon of life. What an honor to know you and receive all that you give!!


best said!

Good for you! I love your attitude 😊❤🧡💛

I truly needed this. Thank you.

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