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Am very Depressed


My son had appointment today and his doctor tells us he don’t have Crohn’s disease, and he have been in and out of the hospital. He be in so much pain that

He falls down to the floor and just roll up I been trying so hard to be strong for him and he keep talking about he tired of being in pain and he wish something will end his suffering I don’t know what to do right now and am so depressed and anxious watching him hurt and I can’t help him and the doctors send him home and he’s still sick he only weighs 84lbs I need all the strength to keep going on for my son because he needs me am lose

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It's good that your son doesn't have Crohn's Disease. But that leaves the question what is ailing him and this question the doctors must answer. What is their diagnosis? What tests have the done or propose to do? Only when they come up with a diagnosis of what it is (rather then what it isn't) can they prescribe something to heal the distressing pain. Even before that they should prescribe something to bring relief from the pain. Have they prescribed anything? Is it working? The old remedy of a hot water bottle held against the stomach through clothing could help. But you need answers to these questions: "What's wrong with my son and how are you going to cure him?"

tamka38 in reply to Jeff1943

They been treating him for Crohn’s disease for a year’s and just the last couple of months they saying is not Crohn’s disease

I’m so sorry that your son is going through this. As a mother, I know we feel so heavily for our children and to see him in pain must be so difficult. Praying that you get the answers you all need to treat his condition. Keep pushing until you get a diagnosis.

Thank you

Hey Don't look your strength....

Hey sorry... I mean to write don't lose your strength....

I’m so sorry your son is going through such a distressing time. And I’m also so sorry you’re under such a burden. I’m a mum too, and we often feel like we just can’t go on. But somewhere we find that strength and I know you will too. We’re here to listen and help.

Not knowing what’s wrong is worse than knowing what’s wrong. You need to sit down with his doctors and ask them what is to happen next. If you’re nervous to talk to them, write down everything you need to know and want to ask, and read that to them. I’ve done that before. Thinking of you x

tamka38 in reply to weegmack

Thank you so much

Did they test for Lyme disease? I had a student with similar symptoms and the Mayo Clinic had a special Lyme test.

Get a home bound tutor from school.

Good luck. Just be there for him.

Thank you

How horrible, for the both of you! Whatever the diagnosis, it is important to treat the root cause as best as you can. Can I share with you that one of my best friends (male) as well as a sister-in-law have seen a substantial turn-around with their stomach issues, simply by getting off all processed foods, dairy, and limiting red meat-eating grassfed if possible! I've done pretty extensive studies on the impact of pesticides and chemicals on our digestive tract and the results are staggering. I agree with you asking for alternative and continued testing! Meanwhile, research for yourself-the positive effects of a plant based diet and the impact of chemicals on our digestive tract. Praying he feels better soon. As a mom, I feel your pain of helplessness.

tamka38 in reply to MT2018

Awwww thank you, I appreciate your your words and prayers we need them. And am going to look into the plant based diet to see if it helps him because it hurts to watch him in pain daily. And hear him talking about giving up am trying to stay strong for him and for my mom and myself

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