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To my Dear Fauxartist 💜


When I joined the site I was in a very bad way. I didn’t think I’d last even 2 days on here. I tend to give up on things easily. I remember seeing Fauxartist everywhere and I decided to PM her in the hopes she’d accept me. Not only did she help me along the way; she took me in as her own child. I am so blessed. The Mama of the site manages to help tons of people every single day and made me feel so special. I love how Faux always keeps it real. If you want advice to just make you feel better that’s fine; if you want real honest advice that will actually help you make changes in your life, go to Faux. I’ve never really been apart of a group before and i feel good about this site. Thank you Faux from the bottom of my ❤️ for pushing me to stay and loving us all!!

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((((((((Fauxartist))))))) ((((((((MariaLove)))))))

<<<<<<<<<<HUGS>>>>>>>>>>> back at ya my friend.... all my love to ya....

Thank you! You are beautiful.

you too..... been painting like a mad women.... and yes... I freely admit that... both ...painting and the mad women part.... haaaa!!!!..... but it's been great therapy for me as we all go through this disease in our own way it seems.....

Be well my friend.....

😂 hahaaa!!! That’s so great and I’m so happy for you that you have the painting outlet. Maybe I will do some painting today because of you my friend! What are you painting?

thank you are your name sake my friend.... xxx

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Back at ya Elliott.... hope your doing okay's been gettin gray and cold with ole man winter coming in....and many of us are effected by just keep it in your heart that we are all together in this....thank you for your comment.

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your a light here too my friend....and it's good you share both your ups and downs and that keeps it real...we are here for support for both from our friends....and I care very deeply for all of you . thank you for being my friend too..

Agreed. You're both awesome people!!!!

fauxartist in reply to JEG325

you too JEG

Yeah she's the good mama some of us never had and also struggles with her own problems which i admire her for continuing to battle through. She does keep it real as well I agree. We are all lucky to have each other on here. You too MariaLove, you're a great person . Gemma xxx

thank you Gemma.... I always admire your comments for the exact same keep it real and yet full of love and heart... you are one of the OG members around here and to hear this from you is very appreciated and humbling....thank you.

Hey pal....your a sweetheart and alway been a dear and good friend.... I'm sorry for the late replay, I have not been on here much and you know all about I love you for this your a lovely person...and I appreciate this very much honey.

I know love. I figured it would be a day or two before you responded. I think people miss you! So much love ❤️

I am always here my friend, and you know where to find me....any time you need me I am there.... may take a few hours because of our time difference, but I will always get back to you.... You mean the world to me, you and I have shared a lot and that trust is worth diamonds.... all my love to you my friend....

Same here. You are so special to me. I never want to lose you. I love you so much! ❤️


MEN...………………….BEAUTIFULLY AND CORRECTLY SAID...……………(I didn't know gender)

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