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Time to Reflect


Every year around this time I take a week off of work to spend time with family and reflect on my life....I'm so thankful for my family but I still feel empty inside. I don't want to socialize, I don't know what to say or do around my family; it's like I lost who I am because the anxiety was way too overwhelming. Plus I'm on a T break so I can't sleep. Idk, i know my life is ok for a college kid but I'm mentally exhausted from thanksgiving.

Ps. I write these posts to vent and I don't actually expect people to read them. It's more of a way for me to process my feelings.

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Oh but we do read them WeberlyWorry :) Maybe not always knowing the right

thing to say but at least allowing others to vent their frustrations and worries.

I agree with everything you say about anxiety in that it is mentally exhausting. It

does take away a part of what we use to be however, you just become a different

you. One more experience in life, more mature which is shown by you taking time

to reflect on your life.

It's good to interact with people who understand these issues. Venting and receiving responses can make you realize that you are not alone. You're young and have a lot of

room for growing. Feeling comfortable in who you are will come. I'm glad you did

process your feeling with us and not hold them all in.

Make sure to have some fun time while off school this week. Thank you for sharing. :) x

WemberlyWorry in reply to Agora1

Thank you (:

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