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I am recalling living with my daughter in a small house with hardly any furniture or carpets but I was happy. She would sit on the floor in her nappy and play with her toys while I tried to sleep. I went to my mothers on day and she followed me home and shouted I will get that child off you if it's the last thing I do. She wanted custody from the day she was born. I ignored her and put my daughter in the bath. My dad called and said, we are going to take her to the seaside but you can't come because you will not get up in a morning. I never had a life with my daughter, although I tried to. I recall when she was 1 I took her to the betting office where I had an affair with a married man. I had my daughter Christened when she was 5. My friend was her God mother.I was getting broody and wanted more children, but he had had the snip, so I left him I was heartbroken. I met my first husband and had my son. My daughter was a bridesmaid and my son was a page boy. My family was complete. My husband died in 2009 of swine flu. I never forgave him for the abuse he did to me. I have married my second husband and he is brilliant. He knows all my history and understands me perfectly. He knows I never abused any of my children. I am remembering holidays and days out with my family.

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That's an amazing story. Thank you for sharing. Your welcome and accepted here! We all understand and have lived similar lives.

hi and welcome to adaa Im sure you will receive a lot of support on here.thats quite a lot and some that you have been through over the really happy that you have found love again and have an understanding other half.just wondering if you have received support from your gp over the years or have support worker helping you as well.

Poulson in reply to kenster1

I have had support from my GP and health authority but they just misdiagnosed as being a child abuser and I sued them. I never abused my children and did all in my power to protect them. I am still angry at the treatment I have received from my family and health authority. I can't forgive my brothers for the trauma they have put me through. I am now happily married but I am unhappy that we didn't have children. My ex-husband died in 2009 of swine flu and I am not sad as he put me through a lot of stress and would call me horrible names. He accused me of all types of things. I worked to take care of my children and a husband and a household, but it wasn't good enough for my husband. He tried to rape me.I recall all the good times I have had with my children and the holidays and nobody can take those memories away from me. I am having tests because I have lost 10 kilos in 2 months I have had a chest ex-ray as well.


Wow amazing story thanks for sharing that with us x

Hi- What a beautiful story!

Thank you for sharing this. I’m happy for you, you married a man who understands you perfectly. Take care and God bless.

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