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Why me?


I'm 56 years old and I have been experiencing what I believe is anxiety but have not ever been diagnosed. It has been getting worse over the years and it's gotten to the point where I do not like going out and being amongst people other than my wife and kids. I'm starting a new job tomorrow which is 1 hour from home and I'm terrified, sometimes I wish I could just die and avoid these feelings!

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It is very hard to deal with.

It's natural to feel off when starting a new job, maybe the new job will help with your anxiety once you get settled in.

Hi nice to meet you. Maybe it's time to admit you need a firm diagnosis and medical help? It's not a character flaw or a weakness so go and see your doctor. x

Ringo61 in reply to hypercat54

Thank you for the kind words.

Hello, sounds like anxiety to me. I would suggest you make an appointment with your Dr. and tell him/her what if happening to you. A new job will spark the anxiety, but yours sounds over and above the normal range. Do not be afraid to speak to your Dr. just because you are a man, there are thousands of us who are inflicted with this illness. There are medications that will help, I know I am on 2, which I take every day with thanks, it got so bad for me I could not even drive my car. Now I am fully functioning again. Do not be afraid, go and get help, you will feel so much better after you have. Maybe a little therapy would be of help. You wrote to us here that is a step in the right direction, write more to us we will help you if we can. I send you strength and energy, love and hugs.........Sprinkle 1...........xx

Ringo61 in reply to Sprinkle1

Thank you very much for your kind and understanding words. I was considering talking to my doctor and I will probably talk to him soon.

Thanks again!

This sounds like social anxiety. You may have been doing some mental gymnastics to keep the fear repressed all this time. The part of you that's been denied feeling acceptance and closeness has probably decided it's time that it got some attention. Here's some background info:


The good news (and this is mentioned in that article) is that social anxiety responds well to cognitive behavior therapy. You should be able to find a therapist who uses CBT and accepts insurance.

You deserve to take care of yourself and live a more complete life. I think if you do find a therapist you'll make rapid progress and be much happier.

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