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Balance Issues


Ok. So I have health anxiety and lately I’ve been experiencing feelings of being off balance. Not dizzy. Room isn’t spinning but I just feel off. Does that make sense? Like the feeling you get when you haven’t taken your medication. I haven’t fallen or even come close. It’s just this sensation. Anyway, now I’m extra anxious as I fear it’s serious but I guess I feel in my heart it’s not. It started Tuesday evening and it’s off and on. Anyone else experience this? I’m very stressed these days with 2 young kids and an upcoming move.

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Worrywort, when you're really old you can have slight balance problems caused by changes in the ear that affect balance. That's why old timers use walking sticks.

But you have two young kids so you're probably still young so it's not likely to be that problem.

Balance problems are a known symptom of anxiety and you say you have health anxiety. If you're not convinced talk to your doctor for reassurance.

You've heard that phrase "I went weak at the knees" when people experience some news that shocks them or makes them anxious? That's why.

It's only a nervous sensation so it's most unlikely to cause you to lose your balance. The best thing to do is nothing: just accept it for the moment as a nuisance that will soon pass. So long as you don't stress or obsess about it. No need to fear it, it's just another trick in the Oversensitive Nervous System's Book of Tricks.

Worry about it and it will stay. Don't pay it too much attention and it will soon be on its way. So just accept it for the time being, there's nothing to fear, you'll be fine.

I have that off balance feeling like I'm on the deck of a rocking boat all the time. It's just one of many symptoms of my general anxiety. I also have dizziness, light-headedness, and a feeling of pressure in my head and ears. All anxiety symptoms that lessen when I'm not feeling so anxious, which unfortunately isn't often.

Worrywort626 in reply to teemo1

Yes! This symptom is unusual for me. I don’t feel particularly anxious but definitely stressed. Going through a move while raising 2 young kids!

teemo1 in reply to Worrywort626

I have been through moving with 2 small kids, too. It's definitely stressful! I'm thinking your off-balance feeling is what psychologists call a "stress response," same as with me. Then feeling off balance makes us feel more anxious, and then feeling more anxious makes us feel more off balance, and around and around it goes.

The key is to learn to observe your anxious thoughts and feelings without engaging with them or struggling with them. It's a skill you have to develop over time but it can be done. I've been doing guided meditations with the Headspace app and I think it's helping me.

Worrywort626 in reply to teemo1

Yes! That’s the perfect example! It’s been hard to explain to others. I was worried it was high blood pressure symptoms.

I have the same feeling. I also feel like i am just dreaming,like I am not myself. To be in the present, i take deep breaths and call my nicest friends, to joke around just to get my mind off stuff. Do you have family to help you move? I enlist all my family and friends to help out. Also when you move, try to hve a plan. I moved many times, so what i do is do it little by little in a few weeks earlier. Also,i put number on the room. And the boxes corresponds to room numbers, and you can even put a sub-category like left or right, a name or "on top of desk". Also, ask someone to watch your kids when you move, it would be less of hassle for you. Do ot expect or pressure yourself to arrange all the furniture in a few days. Give your self one area to focus each week. Give yourself a break, order out for a few days until you have the energy to cook as well, so you do not have to clean up to. When it comes to your dizziness, are you eating well, sleeping well ?

Worrywort626 in reply to LIwwy35

Sleeping great, yes. Eating well when I do but I have gone without meals simply because of being busy and/or too tired. We’re moving to a much bigger house an hour away and won’t have family in the immediate area. It’s scary for me as I need that support but overall it’s a positive move.

Thank you for the tips! First time moving with kids and it’s daunting!

I get the same thing. Feeling off balance and uncoordinated. I think anxiety can cause it...

I have moved many times with children, no family, and great distances. The tips about planning ahead are critical to removing your stress levels. So is the importance of regular meals. Labels for the rooms are also a good idea. I would use as much detail as you can feasibly do without too much time wasted. The more time you spend on the labels the easier it is at the other end. Unpacking.

Do not use newspapers the black ink means you have to spend time washing things at the other end.

We always just kept out our camping dishes and planned picnic style for meals. Leave out your blender and drink smoothies they are fast and easy, nutritious food that is no cooking. All the food is fridge and freezer only and requires one item the blender. It can be packed last.

I felt this same way for 3 years. My struggle with anxiety and panic started 3 years ago with a terrible case of vertigo. It scared me to death and began my decline into a period of health anxiety. I would have never imagined I would get like this. I have had every test run and everything is always normal. I have been on remeron, Lexapro, and klonopin for 2 years. The dizzy feeling will just fire my anxiety up, I have the fear of fear. But that being said, I am doing much better. Although far from cured, I have weaned down to .25mg klonopin, down from 1mg daily. It has been hard but I am doing it. I would love to be off all these meds, but I am just focusing on the klonopin for now. It is an evil drug. I lived in a fog for 2 years. I didn't realize how bad it was until I started weaning off. Every day, I feel a little more clear headed and feel like maybe I can recover. I will be praying for you. Remember our anxiety can cause so many physical symptoms. It is hard to believe they are not something deadly. I am proof that it can make you dizzy, nauseated, fear that you are going crazy and so much more. 3 years later, I am still here, still sane, and getting stronger everyday.

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