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How to tell someone that your struggling to stay strong?


I've been struggling lately, im beginning to get to a point where i want to stop caring, and now im doing things that are unhealthy behaviors, i have been here before, i just never wanted to let anyone down, not after doing so well. I feel incredibly ashamed to tell someone whats going on, but honestly it scaring me, I need to say something now, before it gets worse, before i get to that dark place and before i stop caring. i just never know how bring these feelings up, but i know how dangerous it is to keep it to yourself.

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Hi Shanm2, I understand how you feel. I have anxiety and had a few good months and now everything is really bad. I think we get good and bad days and when they are bad we do not understand how we get there again. I will recommend that you do look for help before it gets worse and share how you feel with your love ones. I am sure they will be there for you and help you to get back to the better days. Best luck to you.

I hope you many better days ahead of you. Thank you for your reply

Shanm2, I wanted to check in and see if you were able to talk to someone about your negative feelings yet. I know that the shame can be hard to overcome. Our society puts such a big premium on being independent and being able to take care of yourself. Sometimes we just can't do it by ourselves. Truly there should be no shame in that at all.

Shanm2 in reply to socalpoppy

i completely agree with you, Thank you for checking in, i haven't really opened up about how im feeling, the responses on here helps, Thank you x

hi sometime it doesn't have to be spoken words writing our feelings is actually the best way to do it you know.more thought and accuracy goes into the writing.if you want to say it face to face to a loved one prepare a nice meal and make the time to talk about it.even do the same if its a friend.please don't ever feel ashamed be happy that you managed to talk about it as it really will help.

Shanm2 in reply to kenster1

Thank you for your advice, i find it really helpful

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