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I’m sitting here waiting on my dr. I’m on medicine now and I’m so drowsy it’s unbelievable , and I keep getting reoccurring negative thoughts. I’m just scared. And I feel defeated and I feel like I’ll never have my moments of peace back! On my way to my dr’s office I called my husband and I told him I just feel like I’m dangerous and I’m a danger .... even tho I have no plan to be dangerous I just FEEL that way ! and Then all of a sudden I started to feel better about releasing my inner thoughts.

I don’t know if I’m deliriously drowsy and the medicine is known to make negative thoughts increase.

Or I just need validation that I’m going to be okay and that this part is normal !

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ResilientOne, there is nothing wrong with taking meds for respite from anxiety and depression. Don't worry about all those side effects listed on the leaflet that comes with your med, problems are very rare. When starting a new med it quite often gets blamed for all sorts of bad feelings which are not the fault of the medication. Any minor actual side effects will soon pass. Do remember that most meds for anxiety and depression can take up to 3 weeks to kick in.

We are allowed to have strange feelings such as you describe, they are harmless. You are in no danger and you are a danger to no one. Just accept the strange feelings and attatch no special importance to them, they will stop once your med kicks in.

Meds are helpful but they do not bring recovery. So during your period of respite check out some self help books and YouTube videos on how to recover when you come off the meds.

Share your feelings with your husband more often, it's clearly helpful in your case.

So do relax as much as you can, nothing is going to harm you, it's just an oversensitive nervous system that's messing with how you feel. Hope you feel a lot better before too long.

Thank you Jeff!

The meds for me took a different approach... they shut my brain off completely... I started work today, and it coasted through the entire day, more robot like then anything else.. I asked my boss if he noticed I had been off marijuana for 3 weeks, and he said, my movements are smoother, and that i don't look so tired all the time... but he did say I kind of look like I dont give a shit about anything.... which is really how im feeling right now. I guess we all react differently, but it is normal to have a reaction to a drug.. dont beat yourself up over it, keep your husband updated, and us too... Ill try to get on everynight to see how you're doing, and to share and document my progress..

Thank you I truly appreciate it!! Have you tried to listen to Claire Weekes?

No I've never heard of Dr.Claire I just looked her up.. how to recover 01... listening


Don't mention it that's why I'm here, to receive help, opinions, support and give back 100 fold.

How are you doing today? feeling better I hope. today wasnt so great for me but that's ok I am starting to realize not everyday will be perfect, or easy but It's just the daily battle for me now.

Check your private messages

You're going to be ok! Any time there is a med change, it can take awhile for you to adjust. If you keep having negative side effects, don't hesitate to ask the doc to make a switch or adjustment! Ultimately, they should stabilize you rather than make you feel as you are. YAY for hubs being there on the other end of the phone! You did the right thing, reaching out! Everyone needs a safe place to speak honestly! Speak honestly to him and to us. Who else do you have that you can be honest with? Any girlfriends who would speak the truth in love to you? You know the kind-the ones who will recognize trouble and head it off at the pass or tell you they're taking you to the doc to get things adjusted. We all need at least one of those people in our life! I'd be remiss not to remind you that if you ever feel that way again-there's always the suicide hotline. Counselors are there to encourage you and help you evaluate what you need to do to get help! Again, I say-you're going to be ok! Keep talking and again, remember some meds work for one person and not the next and the adjustment time varies person to person. Hope this helps!

Thank you!

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