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Hey everyone , I’m struggling with my anxiety since yesterday , heart palpitations and can feel it beating ( if that makes sense ) chest pains , can’t seem to think of positive things , feel short or breath all the time . Last night before going to bed I thought it’s ok it will be okay tomorrow, woke up like 3 times in the night panicking and not being able to breathe properly ,I think I tired myself by doing this so fell asleep. It’s so tiring feeling like this and I’m worried something more serious is wrong . I just want this to go away !

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Hey have you tried meditation

Hey , I haven’t but when I’m like this I can’t concentrate properly so I don’t know if I could .. I don’t even know much about meditation to be honest

Try downloading the breethe app it will help you meditate. It’s free

How are you feeling? Is it still going on?

Im not to bad, been for a coffee with a friend ( well I had orange juice don’t want any caffeine) then shopping for dinner . I feel better now but still slightly anxious ! The symptoms have calmed down but still there . Thankyou x

That’s good also what helps me is when I can concentrate and meditate I just run, run and get that energy out and pretty much get exhausted to the point where I’m feeling better if it makes any sense.

I don’t do any kind of sport , I need to ! When I’m anxious people say just put a funny film on ! But I literally would be watching but even listening I get fidgety and cant relax at all ! Sport helps so I defo need to get my butt running or something !

Meditation is great daily it allows you get a hold of the negative emotions that depression brings about

Hi Cam1994. You are not alone in this! I know that saying to take deep breaths and try and think of something else is easier said than done. I myself struggle, daily - especially right now with my anxiety. My body is very very hypersensitive so I always am noticing something that makes me worry.

Heart Palpations ( I say this NOT having a medical degree and only my experience) are normal and can be a result of anxiety. I feel them frequently and more so when I am having bouts of anxiety and worry. I hear my heartbeat in my ear and than freak out that its a tumor. I will say that if your heart palpation's are continuous, meaning they do not stop, you are feeling lightheaded or nauseous and your heart rate is extremely elevated like over 120 beats a minute resting, than you should see your doctor. I will say there are many times I think I feel my heart beat and palpitations and my blood pressure is normal and the doctor doesn't hear anything. that shows you how much of it is really in your head:) Stop checking your heart rate, stop concentrating on it and really really try and get our of your head.

Things that work for me when I get into this space is try and do something. Its super easy to stay inside because you don't want to make the feelings worst, and what if something happens. Try and go for a walk, go grocery shopping, something anything, organize your closet or even go grab dinner with a friend, or have a close friend come over. You will notice that the symptoms (at least for me) go away until I remember to check on them. Your mind is working overtime. It needs a break.

I hope your feeling better. Anxiety sucks - big time!

Thankyou for your message ! I relate so much to this and I know nothing serious it wrong but it sucks when it’s happening your mind just forgets that.

I feel a little better now , very tired and still chest discomfort. I’m going to try and relax !

Worry and panic constantly wears your body out big time. You don't know it but its tense to which tenses all your muscles. If you stretch and can feel the pain its muscle always remember that. Your body will know if something is really really wrong. :)

Having another symptom , acid reflux ! And I have nothing to take for it ... gosh there is always something ..

Gas pressure can also cause a sense of having palpitations, or feeling your heart beat. If it continues, however, check with your doctor.

Charliie1994 in reply to b1b1b1

What does this mean ?

Are you on any anxiety meds? I take Klonopin and it helps immensely. Talk to your doctor soon. Good luck

Charliie1994 in reply to Sugar66

Hey I am kind of against taking drugs to be honest , i don’t really want to depend on a drug to feel okay ..

Sometimes you just need a little extra serotonin because your brain doesn't make enough. I tried everything, working out, meditation, therapy in the end I need a little extra. The trick is finding the right one that works for you. You should feel yourself just minus the constant worry:)

Dear Cam, I understand what you are going through. As I read about people such as yourself, who are going through many of the things I go through, or maybe something else, you are in my prayers. I can say by personal experience, and I'm going through a rough time right now too, most of what you are feeling is from anxiety if not all. If you haven't been checked out, I would see a doctor for the chest pain, but if you've been checked out before with a clean bill of health, it will pass. The wait is unpleasant, and I feel your pain, and I grieve for you. I pray you and I will find something that helps anxiety. I am going to try TMS therapy. I have had ECT treatments in the past (4), but it messed up my memory. TMS doesn't do that. You may want to look into it. If you need someone to talk to, I am more than willing to listen and share my personal experiences. I have panic attacks like that. There are times when it isn't so bad, and times where it gets very bad. I also have anxiety attacks. The first time I had one, I thought someone had put a hallucinogen into my drink or food. My perception changed - that is the worst! I hope you don't have that too, but if you do, you are not alone... I can let you know when I start and how much it helps if you are interested. It is primarily for depression, but supposedly it helps the anxiety as well. I'm pretty much a hermit right now, so I'd like to be able to outside and enjoy the day like most people seem to.

One of the things that helps me the most is to realize that seasons of anxiety are uncomfortable, to say the least, but better times are ahead. I have mitral valve prolapse, so I get the palpitations pretty frequently. Anxiety won't hurt you, but it doesn't feel good. Better days are ahead. It's been a long haul for me. There are times when it gets rough, but there are times when things are good. Poor concentration is a part of anxiety. Is there something that happened recently that you can think of that may have triggered it?

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