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Before I start I'm so glad I found this platform, I beginning to see everyone and the world as my enermy.

At times I don't want to wake up but I do coz I'm a parent. At times I don't want to breathe but I have to smile at my children so they see nothing wrong, wrong in such a way that all is well mommy's got this...

Been good or being yourself is the most hurtful thing that could ever happen during living. You learn, preach, practice and implement but it somehow bites back or is it my expectations hence I'm in this dark painful space.

Thoughts I go through when I try to sleep.

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hi im sorry to read what you are going through.have you spoken to anyone about how you feel it really will help.reaching out is a starting point for you.talking is the best form of recovery is my motto specially on here.take care.

Wild_N in reply to kenster1

Thank you for your response, I'm praying that interacting with people who understand will really help. Thank you.

kenster1 in reply to Wild_N

hi no worries glad to try and help interacting on here really will help.always good to have support in our daily lives as well.

Perhaps it is your expectations. Because even in being “good” & being yourself will bring repercussions that can be hurtful. Not because they are bad things to do but because often your being good & being yourself highlights shortcomings in others that they’d like to continue hiding &/or that they struggle with achieving improvement on their own.

And, if you’re being good or trying to be yourself to get people to “like” you, that’s an expectation that will often be disappointing because people who operate in ways contrary to your own will often feel threatened by your sense of confident freedom. Truth is... the way others react to your right way of living is their business not yours. Why should you live wrong & in pretenses to fit into “their” zone of comfort?😳🧐🤔

And, regarding feeling like the world is your enemy, Truth is... nothing & no one is more defeating than allowing the enemy, “in-a-me”, grow within yourself, to make you hate who you are because you feel like the world won’t let you be yourself without becoming your enemies.

You have a purpose to fulfill, “good” works that you were created to complete, that you can only do as yourself. And, that, my dear Wild_N, is exactly what the systems of the world wants to redefine your Divine Design to keep you from doing. Thus, I hope you’ll never weary of doing good & continue to be your Authentic beautiful & wonderfully made self to be all you’re meant to be enabling you to make your unique positive impact on this world!

Thank you I'm in a WOW moment and digesting your words thank you.

You’re very welcome.

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